In the company of Roger Sedres | Review on Lunchtime Lecture

Posted by ormsCtsp | August 28, 2017 | Blog, Home-blog

On Tuesday 22nd August, sports photographer Roger Sedres delivered a wonderful and inspiring Lunch Time Lecture here at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. Roger shared many of his award-winning photographs, and also had many stories to tell about the fabulous events he has photographed. Being a sports photographer is tough and consumes a lot of time. Roger had just returned from almost 2 months away from home, living in hotels and averaging 4 hours sleep per night. His amazing photographs, however, make it all worthwhile!

Roger had some good advice to give, especially for the photography students in the audience:

  • Shoot it right! Preparation is key, and you’ll get the shots and save precious time by not needing to edit extensively
  • You are your brand. Be active on Social Media, but take great care what content you post
  • Back and safeguard up your images; they are your money
  • Invest in good gear and look after it. Without it, you are lost.

Roger was also full of praise about Orms founder Mike Ormrod, a great supporter of freelancers in South Africa.

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