A Teen’s Photographic Exploration | Between 10 & 5 Interview with Daniel Walton

Nikki Zakkas from Between 10 & 5 has recently done an interview with one of our Full-Time photography students, Daniel Walton, currently part of our 1-Year Full-Time Photography Programme.

Daniel Walton is an 18-years-old artist from Cape Town only just beginning his venture into photography. His analogue photographs are of-the-moment, tender observations from his life. “The majority of my work is based on my identity, my sexuality and my femininity. All my work relates to my life experiences,” he explains. 

Whether it be misty mountain tops or water rippling through the ocean, his imagery exudes a dreamy-like feel. He describes his photographs as fragile and feminine – favouring the aesthetic of analogue over digital. “I love film. Digital is boring. Film is exciting and creative, it always surprises you. The colours in film photography are so ethereal and playful. Digital photography does not have the dreamy effect that film does,” he explains. 

A multi-talent; he has more than a single creative pursuit but photography is decidedly his central preoccupation. “I don’t have one specific medium as I am attracted to a few, such as photography, illustration, water colour painting and acrylic painting. I mostly practice photography as this is main my passion within the arts,” he shares. 

At the moment, Daniel is in his first year of studies at Orms Cape Town School of Photography. Looking ahead he hopes to someday play between the lines of fashion and photography. “My dream is to become a fashion photographer, hopefully international one day. That industry is calling my name; I know that is where I belong.”

Having browsed his archive of delicate yet powerful pictures, we have no doubts. 

See a selection his artwork below and follow him on Instagram for more visual inspiration.

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