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Cape Town School of Photography
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The Orms Cape Town School of Photography offers both full-time and part-time photographic courses. We have fifteen years of experience teaching part-time courses and in 2011 expanded our program to include a full-time course. The Orms Cape Town School of Photography has a history of being a specialised school where lecturers are passionate and committed to their students.

Our focus is on providing quality teaching and learning experiences for all our students. We aim to develop creative, thinking photographers.

The part-time courses include a wide variety of introductory and advanced photographic classes. Like the full-time course, classes are small for personalised training and emphasis is placed on individual participation and group interaction. Most of our part-time courses are between three and ten weeks long and are offered as either morning or evening sessions. We also offer short intensive courses, one-on-one personalised sessions and weekend workshops.

Phone: 021-465-2152

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