I quit my job for photography | Interview with Full-Time student Monique de Beer

Posted by ormsCtsp | July 17, 2017 | Blog, Home-blog

We recently picked the brain of one of our current Full-Time Photography Programme students, Monique de Beer, on her journey in building her career in photography. Gain insight to her thoughts below:

What drives you in creating photographic work?

After quitting my day job for photography, I realized that it is now only me following and pursuing my dreams. It is the pure passion I have for photography that is my driving force.

What type of photography do you want to pursue in the long run, and why?

I am a person that loves to travel the world at least once or twice a year, so I have a passion for landscape and wildlife photography. Macro photography is also a type of photography I will keep exploring where ever I might be in the world. It simply opens a new dimension and forces you to look at the world around you in a completely different way.

Tell us more about your current body of work.

I am currently in the starting phase of a new project where I am exploring different roads across the country with my 11-24mm wide angle lens. It will consist of the most beautiful mountain pass roads to the most isolated of dirt roads that I am able to find while road tripping across the whole of Southern Africa (Namibia & Botswana included). I will however only complete this project later next year when I have more time (at least 2 months) to do this trip that I am planning. For now, I am starting in the Western Cape and where I am able to travel to over weekends.

Why do you think photography is important?

Photography is not only important to the photographer or artist that is using it as a medium to express themselves but it is also important to the general public. Very often you will find a photographer’s work that you can relate to and that captivates you.

Photography grants society a new way of observing the world around them through the eyes of the artist.

This question takes me back to a quote I read by Karl Lagerfeld  where he says the following: “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.”

How does photography challenge you as an individual?

One of the aspects of photography that I find really challenging is the fact that there are endless possibilities and areas that one can focus on. It is every photographer’s duty to explore all areas that excite them, and to then decide where their true passion and focus lies.

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