PhotoGraphic. This is how Dirk Bakker, an Amsterdam-based photographer better known as @macenzo, describes his perfectly composed architectural images. With a background in graphic design, Dirk’s work is strongly influenced by his love for lines, patterns, and shapes, and he constructs these elements into one “graphic artwork” afterwards.
Strolling through his Instagram gallery, one might think those images are just too good to be true. “It’s no secret, I edit my pictures till I reach satisfaction,” Dirk told Bored Panda. “For me, a picture is like a graphic design assignment – I edit or manipulate it until I find an interesting, exciting, and balanced image.” He also loves to create his own constructions and he enjoys the power of repetition that creates interesting patterns – as he says himself, in the end it’s all about playing with graphical elements.

However, Dirk’s pictures take more than just a unique eye for patterns, textures, and lines – they also take time and patience to find a perfect perspective. “Sometimes the first shot is the best,’ says Dirk. ‘And sometimes I really need to take a lot to find a usable one. Some subjects can also be used several times, e.g. a close up, a straight up or far away shot – all this gives a different result.” As a true Dutchman, Dirk enjoys “photo-cycling” not only in his hometown of Amsterdam and many different cities and countries that he is invited to visit, but also for his SeeMyCity projects (a travel-photography initiative that he helped to co-found).
From simply beautiful pieces of pavement to mind-blowing staircases, from eye-pleasing facades to majestic bridges, Dirk Bakker presents you with the beauty of our everyday surroundings.

SOURCED: Bored Panda

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