Join us on Thursday evening, 20 July 2017 from 6pm – 8pm to view the work produced by our latest Artist / Photographer in Residence, Kyu Sang Lee.

Born in Seoul, Korea in 1993, Kyu Sang Lee grew up watching his family members engaging in creative fields of graphic design and fashion. In 2005, he moved to Cape Town at the age of thirteen and attended Frank Joubert Art Centre and later Michaelis School of Fine Art to study BFA.

While growing up in two very different continents, Kyu Sang Lee was exposed to the ideas and cultures of the East, West and Africa. As a result, his work showcases universal concepts and sentiments rather than pursuing a particular trajectory or style. His main interest in art has been the limitation of time one has in one’s life and how one should value one’s time that is given. By interlocking the concept of mortality with photography, which is also a time-based medium, he focuses on constructing the realm of the metaphysical or even the spiritual.

Kyu Sang Lee’s art is an interrogation of apprehension spurred by nite time and fate. While defining apprehension as an emotion caused by the eventuality of death, it brings us to the state of ‘dasein’, or the reason of being, where the self becomes more insignificant and the other person is not merely con ned as an ‘other’. Thus participation of viewers and their experience of the artworks are as necessary as the artist’s individual experience in this exhibition. Kyu Sang Lee’s artworks extend an invitation to the multifarious cultural spectrum, from Western classical music to post-modern, contemporary sound works; from philosophy and Russian literature to modern literature. His work questions the diverse tensions between a community and self, beliefs and subjectivity, memory and oblivion, and time and eternity.


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