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12 June – 07 July

Orms Cape Town School of Photography will be hosting, an Artist/Photographer in Residence. Our residency is dedicated to those who have existing bodies of work OR to those who have well established projects and are in need of access to the necessary equipment and input to further execute these projects and/or bring them into realisation. The residency itself will run during our Winter School Programme for the duration of the month of June.

During this time, the artist/photographer in question will have access to a studio with adequate wall space for the editing and sequencing of their work, the use of our studio lighting equipment, a dedicated camera for the duration of their residency, the use of our darkroom if so required, the use of a dedicated Mac in our Mac-lab and a stipend of 15 working prints (6×9”) per week day. The residency will culminate in a small show, printed by Orms which will be followed by an evening presentation by the artist/photographer in question on their work and their process.

Travel costs, meals, taxes, insurances of any nature will not be included.




The artist/photographer in residence will own the intellectual property and physical work created at ORMS CTSP during their residency.


Application deadline – Friday 28 April, 17h00

The successful applicant will be contacted by Friday 12 May, 17h00

Application requirements:

  1. Artist statement describing your practice.
  2. Portfolio of existing work, 15 – 20 images submitted, digitally by email to
  3. Proposal of no less than 500 words describing the work you aim to either finish, or create during the residency to accompany your digital submission.

Submit your application with the following attachments:

  • A resume
  • A motivational letter
  • A copy of your Identity Document or Passport
  • A passport/ID photograph of you
  • Contactable references with the appropriate telephone numbers and e-mail addresses

To summarise, the Residency includes:

  • Studio space
  • The use of dedicated camera gear
  • Use of dark room facilities
  • Use of studio lights, on site at OrmsCTSP
  • Use of Mac-lab and scanner
  • Free Wi-Fi and web connectivity
  • A printing stipend at Orms of 15, 6×9” working prints per day
  • Advertising through the CTSP website & Face Book forums of your work
  • An exhibition in the CTSP exhibition space at the end of the residency, 20 July – 10 August

Visiting artists/photographer will be required to do a presentation of their work to our student body community, host a critique session with our full time students on their personal project work and be available for studio visits throughout their stay.

ORMS CTSP offices are open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. daily, Mondays to Fridays, excluding statutory public holidays.  

Artists have access to workshops during business hours and by special arrangement at any other time.

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