Namaqualand Photography Talk

Imagine flowers in their many thousands; different colors and sizes, filling the landscape, often as far as the eye can see. Barren fields change overnight into swathes of orange, yellow, white and blue. Dry tracts of land become canvasses for the photographer who travels off the beaten path.

Join Frank Krummacher as he shares his passion and knowledge about Namaqualand and the opportunities it offers the photographer.

Namaqualand is a marvel of nature in the flower season and a second home to Frank. It offers great opportunities all year round, not only in the flower season. Frank will guide you through the secret places and hidden wonders of this spectacular part of South Africa, a place close to his heart and soul where he has spent many hours making wonderful photographs. A journey through Namaqualand is an adventure.

You explore, stop, look and see. You recognise opportunities and make decisions around gear and technique to turn your creative visions into photographic realities.




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Dates & Times

7 September 18:00 – 21:00



  • – Namaqualand in the flower season is a marvel of nature.
  • – See what beauty it holds and what secrets it reveals after the rains have awakened the seeds lying dormant in the dry land.
  • – See what types of photographic opportunities await the traveller, and what is possible with great photographic technique.




Frank is the manager of the Part Time School at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography and also lectures various courses there. He has lectured for and been involved with Nikon, SIGMA, the National College of Photography, the College of Digital Photography and others. I also presented the Namaqualand Photographic Workshops started by Canadian Photographer Freeman Patterson for several years. Examples of his work have been published in several magazines, and he has also been a contributor to PiX and Photocomment magazine. Frank is also a SIGMA ambassador and NPS member.