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Photoshop Advanced: Beauty & Fashion Retouching

The Professional Editing Touch

Take your Photoshop skills to the next level with our advanced course. Learn how to expertly retouch photographs, mask with accuracy and create image composites. Work with image overlays, produce multi-layered images seamlessly and learn to use a Wacom Tablet.




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Dates & Times

1 Nov – 29 Nov 18h00 – 21h00

Course Overview

Beauty retouching is one of the most exciting and challenging aspects of Photoshop. This course will help you to master the skills and help your beauty photographs stand out.

We will learn cloning and healing, get a handle on dodging & burning, and master the complicated frequency separations. We will focus on the fine details and shifts that give your image realism, beauty and punch.

The first three lessons will lead you through the necessary skills through guided examples and worksheets. In the fourth lesson we will put the theory into practice with focused lessons on skin and hair retouching from RAW onwards, attending to common problems. These will be guided in class with individual attention as you work. In the fifth lesson we will complete a full image, ready for your portfolio, including the final tweaks and adjustments that set your images above the rest.

Lesson 1: Ethics and aesthetics

An introduction to a philosophy of retouching

– Image selection and RAW conversions
– How to select appropriate image
– Initial adjustments in Camera RAW
– Using a pen tablet
– Setting up layers
– Primary retouching tools

Lesson 2: Resolution and output

– Skin selections and masks
– Colour and Tone Adjustments
– Frequency Separations

Lesson 3: Setting up dodge & burn layers

– Different techniques
– Advantages and disadvantages
– Combatting saturation shifts


Lesson 4: Putting it all together

Workflow from RAW to final product

– Skin Focus
– Hair Focus

Lesson 5: Full work-through of an image

– Applying lessons
– Master saves
– Colour grading
– Final contrast adjustments
– Final skin tone and colour
– Final sharpening
– X-factor


Required Skills

This is an advanced course and the student should have the following skills

– Familiarity with the Photoshop interface
– Familiarity with file formats
– Familiarity with histograms
– Knowledge of layers, blend modes, selections and masks
– Knowledge of adjustment layers

In addition the student needs a good eye for detail. Drawing or painting skills would be of benefit, as would experience of studio lighting. There will be homework assignments that must be completed in order to keep up. The student must have their own computer and Photoshop at home to practice on, and be willing to dedicate several hours between classes. A pen tablet is highly recommended.

Course Outcomes

After completing the course you will have one completely retouched image ready for your portfolio. You will have an understanding of the most common techniques of retouching, including frequency separations, dodge & burn, colour adjustments and sharpening.

Photoshop Advanced will also provide you with the framework necessary to further develop your skills.

*Dates subject to change. Courses require a minimum amount of enrollments to proceed. 


Five sessions, three hours each, over five weeks


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