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Smartphone Photography

Creativity in your Pocket

This interactive course will provide you with the tools and understanding you need to take your smartphone photography and image sharing to the next level. This course is taught by the talented Lauren Theunissen.


– In just four weeks you will improve your smartphone photography.
– Learn how to harness the capabilities of your smartphone’s built-in camera.
– Grow your skills in creating and editing photographs which share your personal experience of the world.
– Unlock the full potential of the moments you capture by selecting the appropriate editing applications.
– Discover how to peak interest in your photo or video stories and develop your unique visual language.



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“I have learned how to better use my smartphone to take photos. This is particularly useful in situations where i don’t have my DSLR with me or where it’s impractical to use. I have also learned about creative techniques to use in order to make my smartphone photos more interesting.”

– Jacques Grobler


Course Requirements:

  • A Smartphone iPhone or Android!
  • Generic earphones that have a volume button.
  • A List of (Free) Apps will be given to you to download for use in class.


Course Outcomes

  • Make the most of the built in camera settings and shooting modes your smartphone.
  • Gain a better understanding of how to use light, compositional techniques, angle of view and colour to make photos with lasting impressions.
  • Select moments that share your story and unique vision.
  • Create interesting video content using built in video modes as well as applications found on Instagram e.g. boomerang, rewind, handsfree.
  • Gain confidence when using various photo editing applications
  • Improve your skills from week to week as you present, share , discuss your photographs and troubleshoot technical problems in class.
  • Develop an efficient digital work flow that will see your photography from moment captured to shared on social media or hanging on your wall in no time!



The course will consist of four sessions, three hours each, over four weeks.

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