The #OMDrevolution | An Evening Talk by Two Olympus Visionaries

Come and gain insights to the world of mirrorless photography through the collaborative effort of two Olympus visionaries – Warren Fleming and Lars Johnson. During this 3-hour evening talk, you will learn about the latest mirrorless technology, the current market-position of mirrorless, new ways to shoot photographs, along with tips on shooting fashion, portraits, and wildlife.


– Meet Warren Flemming, an acclaimed Wildlife Photographer from Knysna South Africa, and Lars Johnson, an International Photographer from Finland
– Get insights from two industry professionals and have the opportunity to ask any questions you might have in regard to shooting to gear.
– Play with a range of Olympus gear which will be on-show, including the Pro Range of lenses and bodies available.
– Learn about the latest mirrorless technology.
– Gain insight to the current market-position and future of mirrorless cameras.
– Explore new ways to shoot photographs, along with tips on shooting fashion, portrait, and wildlife.


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“At birth, I was given a rare gift. I was born at a very young age. This gave me a special advantage in life that most do not have.

Being young at birth is a blessing and I must say it has given me a great deal of insight into doing things differently. I was raised by my mother and father in Johannesburg, before relocating to Knysna, just a mere 13 years and nine months or so after my conception. My mother was a talented number cruncher and artist of sorts. To this day she makes a mean bowl of Chinese food that should never be turned down.

My father has over 48 years in the photographic industry. Seriously that is like a lifetime and a whole bucket and a bit of change. He knows what a chlorate flash smells like and what it means to have a pair of jeans that reeks of film chemicals. Often he mumbles ratios of fixers and developing fluids to me when he is in a happy and relaxed state. Bless him, what a time to have been alive! Viva film and the love of real light capturing…

So then I became older, well, and older than birth… I cooked. I was a Chef! I cooked and created magical combinations of culinary delights in a kitchen. I was a wizard on the stove and with the pot! I made those little morsels you see on the fancy TV channels that people pay a fortune for. Yes, I also can’t afford them… So I made a decision to stop working 100 hours a week and focus my life on something but was not sure what…

My old man came to me and offered me a course on photography. I had nothing better to do so I went off for a few days and used a camera. An Olympus E510 with a 14-42mm lens. I fell in love in a heartbeat. It was more exciting than a Meg Ryan/Tom Hanks rom-com. It hit me with such force and wonder that I was blinded by light. I spent every moment I had shooting and learning. Reading, researching, spying and leeching off of my father and his many years of skills. I was addicted to light.

I am a fast learner no matter what the genre is. I learned how to build a computer, how to master software and how to hold a camera out of the side of a helicopter without becoming road kill-really fast. I made a camera an extension of my arm, eye, and mind. I was fascinated and inspired more than the average American loves Mc Donalds with a side of fries and a shake.

I became drowned in light and sought after my main passion, wildlife, and landscape photography, to a point where I didn’t like to be interfered with. I became “at Large”. I like to go off the grid and do what I need to get an image. I test my gear to its fullest and make sure with every second, I love what I do.

I currently work and reside in Knysna, along the Garden Route of South Africa. I make a living as a Master Printer, Olympus salesman and most importantly a commercial photographer specializing in architectural photography. I fulfill many other roles in photography as well as part of the South African Professional Photographers Association. My diversity is what makes me an important asset to our local and national photographic community.” – Warren Flemming.



Lars is a Photographer from Helsinki, Finland. He shoots mainly fashion and portraits.
He is self-taught but highly influenced by top fashion photographer Oksana Tocickaja after working with Her in Lithuania in 2009 and 2010.
He works mostly at his studio located in Helsinki but loves shooting on location.

Miss Finland pageant – Official Photographer
Miss Helsinki pageant – Official Photographer
“Unelmien Koulukuva”-TV-show (YLE, TV2), Season 1 & 2
Miss Bikini pageant 2012 – Official photographer (Final tour in Malaysia)
Miss Bikini pageant 2012 – Official photographer (Final tour in Malaysia)