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Shooting with Green Screen

Learn how to build a green screen, set up for a green screen shoot, perform the shoot and implement the effect during post-production through the use of filters in Adobe Premiere Pro or After Effects with our brand new Shooting with Green Screen course led by industry expert and Cinematography for Content Creation department head, Anton Kleynscheldt.

2 sessions, 4 hours each, over the course of 2 days.


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Session 1 | Contextualising Chromakeying in the Post-Production workflow; The principles of Chromakeying; Building a green screen for medium or wide shots (why infinity curves?) – theory demonstrated; The two lighting setups – practically demonstrated; Positioning of the subject and camera – practically demonstrated; Camera and lighting restrictions – practically demonstrated; Example shots taken, CU, medium as well as wide shots; Demonstration of the process by which the green can be removed from the footage using filters.”

Session 2 | Another demonstration, showing common mistakes; Comparison of various cameras shooting on green; Another setup from scratch, this time with the students doing the work; Sourcing/producing plate footage; Using plate footage to plan for a green screen shoot; Shooting more example footages; Simple removing green from the footage: hands-on exercise; Advanced green screen demonstration.


  • You want to extend your post-production service offering
  • You want to build a green screen in your own studio
  • You are interested in motion graphics or Vfx


  • You will need your own external storage either HDDs, SSDs. or a large flash drives.
  • You will also need a set of earphones or headphones to monitor audio on the cameras or levels while editing the footage.
  • Our campus is equipped with 27” Macs housing the full Adobe Creative Suite. You will be trained and complete assignments on Adobe After Effects CC on the school’s macs. The software you can buy online. There is also a free month trial for your personal use at home.
  • Pen and paper to make notes