Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


These are the terms and conditions of Cape Town School of Photography (CTSP).




      1. The course fee includes instruction & course notes.
      2. Light refreshment may be purchased during scheduled course breaks.
      3. The course tuition fee does not include photographic equipment, printing, exhibition requirements or any other expenses incurred by the Student unless stated otherwise.




      1. Please note that both of the following two conditions should be fulfilled for the course registration to be considered complete:
        1. Receipt of a completed enrolment form
        2. Receipt of a payment confirmation (kindly reference your payment with your name)
      2. Upon receipt of the above documentation, a booking confirmation e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided.
      3. Booking confirmations will be sent to you within 48 hours.
      4. Students are responsible for following up on the receipt of the relevant documentation.




    1. Any enrolments and written notification to CTSP should be done in one of the following methods:
      1. POST – P O Box 16171, Vlaeberg 8001
      2. E-MAIL – info@ormsctsp.co.za 3.1.3 FAX – 021 462 3544

3.1.4 BYHAND – 4th Floor, 62 Roeland Str., Gardens, CPT

3.2 Any other process will NOT be considered as a proper notification.




      1. Students may cancel the registration with 7 days’ written notice. An administrative charge will apply (SEC. 5.4).
      2. The Student may also transfer the course to another qualified person with a written notice to CTSP provided the notice is given at least 72 hours prior to the start of the course.
      3. Such transfers will not involve any extra charges to the Student.
      4. No transfers to a next semester will be accepted if course has already commenced.




      1. A Student can cancel the registration to the course at any time up to 7 days before the start of the course.
      2. Any cancellations thereafter will involve 50% of the course fees being withheld.
      3. Cancellation should be through a written notice (SEC. 3.1)
      4. Cancellations will involve an administrative fee of R100 being withheld.
      5. The remainder of the amount will be paid back to the Student through EFT from CTSP.
      6. From the start date of the course, any cancellation or absence from the course will result in the entire course fee being forfeited by the Student.
      7. Should CTSP have to cancel a course, any payments already made will be refunded in full.
      8. A minimum of 5 secure bookings (booked and fully paid for) are required for a course to run. You will be advised in writing, with options, in the event that a course doesn’t fill up and needs to be cancelled/postponed by CTSP.
      9. Course dates are subject to change at the discretion of the Head of CTSP.




      1. We will endeavour to conduct the courses as per the schedule delivered as far as possible.
      2. In the event that we need to change the date/location of the course, full written notice will be sent to the Student with the details.




      1. The primary mode of communication with the Student is through the e-mail address registered by the Student during the registration process.
      2. An e-mail sent to the address is deemed as sufficient communication to the Student.
      3. The Student is responsible to ensure that the e-mail address is correct and that communications sent to that address will be read promptly enough to respond to the message in a timely manner.
      4. Students who prefer other means of communication should communicate such requirements to CTSP in writing.
      5. CTSP will not provide Students with lecturer contact details.
      6. Students wishing to contact their relevant lecturers are welcome to send an e-mail to info@ctsp.co.za with the lecturer’s name in the subject header or, alternately, leave a message at CTSP reception.
      7. Your e-mail will be forwarded to the lecturer who will contact the Student liaison.
      8. Likewise, all intellectual property rights pertaining to all materials made available by CTSP during the course vests with CTSP and no part of this material can be published or otherwise distributed without the prior express written consent of CTSP.




    1. Discount structure is as follows on receipt of immediate payment;
      1. A 10% discount for pensioners upon presentation of a pensioner’s card.
      2. When you simultaneously book and pay in full for 3 courses, the second 2 will each be discounted by 10%. This discount exempts one-on-one sessions.
      1. If you have completed a course/workshop at CTSP, you qualify for the following cash/COD discounts:


        1. A 5% discount on your second course/workshop, registered within 6 months of completing your first course/workshop. This discount exempts one-on-one sessions.
        2. A 10 % discount on your third course/workshop, registered within 6 months of completing your second course/ workshop.  This discount exempts one-on-one sessions.
        3. Discounts will be granted upon confirmation of your previous course records.

8.2 Visit our website at www.ctsp.co.za for updated specials.




      1. Vouchers may be purchased from CTSP using the same registration procedure. (SEC. 2)
      2. The applicant is required to complete their details, as well as that of the Student, in the relevant areas.
      3. Once booking confirmation and voucher has been received by the applicant, registration can be regarded as completed.




      1. Completion letters can be issued upon request and only under the following conditions:
        1. Student has not missed more than 2 sessions for the duration of the course
        2. Student has taken part in the Student exhibition at the end of the course
        3. All fees have been paid in full




      1. CTSP offers private tuition upon request and depending on availability of lecturers at a rate of R400 per hour. Contact our offices for more enquiries.




      1. An attendance register is kept on all Students.
      2. It is the responsibility of the Student to notify CTSP should they not be able to attend.
      3. The notes of that particular session will then be e-mailed to the Student and any questions which may arise can be e-mailed to CTSP or can be clarified with your lecturer at the next session.
      4. Students who have missed 2 or more classes, either consecutively or during the course without any notification, will be contacted telephonically.




      1. All Students should abide by rules and security measures in effect at the school.
      2. Day time Students are to find parking in the roads adjacent to CTSP.
      3. Kindly ensure that all valuables are hidden from plain sight as CTSP is not liable for unattended vehicles.
      4. Parking at ORMS is only available to our evening Students.
      5. Any vehicles parked at ORMS during the day will be clamped and Students will be liable to pay a release fee of R500.
      6. In case of emergency, the security on duty will return to CTSP a.s.a.p. and contact the police from the school telephone.
      7. Should this be due to a break-in, Students will be notified of the make, model & registration number of the vehicle, in which case the relevant Student will then be asked to be present once the police arrive.




      1. The copyright of all materials provided by CTSP belong to CTSP.
      2. No part of any materials provided can be copied, duplicated or otherwise distributed in an electronic or paper form to others without the prior written permission of CTSP.
      3. No part of the material can be translated into other languages without the prior written permission of CTSP.
      4. The materials can be used solely by the candidates who attended the course for reference thereafter.




    1. The above constitute the complete and comprehensive agreement between CTSP and the Student.
    2. Acceptance of the Student registration or participation in the course will NOT alter any of the terms above.
    3. In addition, the above supersedes any prior discussions, correspondence or clarifications issues by CTSP.
    4. CTSP reserves the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice.
    5. Upon enrolling for any of the courses at CTSP, the student hereby agrees to the terms & conditions as set out above.


I hereby accept the terms and conditions as set out above. Applicant/Guardian/Student’s name:


Applicant/Guardian/Student’s    signature: