01Learn the art of visual storytelling
To truly grasp the art of visual storytelling, you must first learn to see the world through the lens of a camera.
02See and share your world
When we view the world through the lens, we create new meaning and understanding. At Orms CTSP, you share your experiences with others and see the world through their eyes too.
03Work and play in a positive environment
Work can be a playground if you let it. By working with mentors who are experts in their field, you’ll receive the guidance you need to turn your passion into a profession.

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Open Feedback Sessions

Jun 30, 2022R300,00
Orms Cape Town School of Photography invites you to submit...

Lightroom 101 for Photographers | In-Person Course

Jul 5, 2022Jul 26, 2022R3250,00
About the course Lightroom: designed by photographers, for photographers. Gain...

Video Editing: Introduction to DaVinci Resolve | In-Person Course

Jul 11, 2022Jul 15, 2022R3250,00
About this course Our video editing course is open to...

Launch Exclusive DJI RS 3 X Orms Event

Jul 14, 2022R50,00
Orms and DJI invite you to join an exclusive launch...

Weekend Version Intro to Photography | In-Person Course

Jul 16, 2022Aug 20, 2022R4500,00
Taking our Introduction to Photography is the perfect way to...

Morning Session Intro to Photography | In-Person Course

Jul 19, 2022Aug 16, 2022R4500,00
Taking our Introduction to Photography is the perfect way to...


Introducing Lauren Theunissen Our 2016 Artist in Residence

“Walking the City is an ongoing photographic enquiry, which explores the sense of liminality and impermanence of the situations I stumble across on the pavements of Cape Town. My photographs for this project (thus far) have all been taken using my cell phone camera device, as this technology lends itself to the unobtrusive observational nature...

Fresh eyes & A finger on the Shutter Release | Lauren Theunissen

To begin ‘Walking the City’, again, started off as a bit of a wobbly process. The main challenge with adding onto an existing project is not to redo | copy | rehash photographs but to reimagine | reinvent | reinterpret and to ultimately do something a little different. Luckily for me my subject matter is...

Synchronicity | Lauren Theunissen

This past week in Cape Town has been bit of a nightmare because of the flash-mob rain sessions. Shoots have been cut short and I have found myself sticking to the walls and sheltered spaces in the city. On a positive note the overcast weather makes for beautiful soft lighting conditions. The sun also rises...

Connections | Lauren Theunissen

The studio walls and long wheely tables are becoming overcrowded by prints.  Carefully composed pictures of poop are being juxtaposed with stray braids,ice-cream wrappers and people walking out from the train station. This is the week when some serious organising and critical reflection has to take place. Having printed a selection of my favourite moments...

T I M E | S P A C E | G R A T I T U D E | Lauren Theunissen

This post is dedicated to those who made this Residency possible. The space that Orms Cape Town School of Photography has opened up for me has given me creative freedom. This is worth the world to any emerging artist / photographer and I am beyond grateful for this.This Residency has enabled me to fully immerse...

Introducing Thandiwe Msebenzi | Artist in Residence

We are thrilled to welcome Thandiwe Msebenzi as our Photographer / Artist in Residence. Herewith her artist statement on the current body of work she will be focusing on during her time with us and beyond: The work is in development and draws on the everyday silencing and normalisation of violence against the female figure....


Last night the latest body of work by our first Artist in Residence for 2017, Thandiwe Msebenzi, was launched. Herewith her artist statement on this project she has been focusing on during her time with us: Awundiboni- You Don’t See Me This work tells the story of sexual violence against women through a personal prism. It...