Tony Gum
18 11 2016
Tony Gum | Embody & Glorify your Richness

Tony Gum was in her family's house in Cape Town, South Africa, two years ago when she spotted a Coca-Cola crate on the floor. "I wondered, 'How would that look on my head?' " she says. "That's where it started." Gum, then 19, photographed herself holding a Coke to her lips while balancing the crate on...

Ben Moyo
18 11 2016
Ben Moyo | The Photographer without a Camera

Ben Moyo: A photographer without a camera telling the African Story Zimbabwean-born photographer Ben Moyo broke the mould by pursuing a career in the arts despite a lack of opportunities. “Creativity has so much power. Someone can write, paint or draw something today and change people’s lives,” says Cape Town-based creative Ben Moyo. The self-taught...

17 11 2016
Clever Photography

Clever photography can be so refreshing. Sometimes photographs are not what they seem. See how some of the masters of photography goes about behind-the-scenes! Sourced:  Notey

17 11 2016
Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 Finalists

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2016 (see 2015 here) came to an end on October 1st, and the shortlisted final 40 entries have finally been revealed. Laughter is not the only thing this annual event that focuses on revealing the amusing side of nature wants to bring you, though – as the authors state on their...

14 11 2016
Wedding Photography Workshop with Claire Thomson

On Saturday we held the Bridal Portrait and Detail Photography workshop at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography. The workshop was presented by professional photographer Claire Thomson. The model was Jana Gabelmann, wearing dresses by Janita Toerien. Make up and hair was by Marnel Toerien. The workshop was a great success and produced some...

11 11 2016
Part-Time Photography Courses | Summer Brochure 2017

View our Summer Brochure for 2017! (more…)

03 11 2016
Secret Garden Photowalk

View the images by some of our Secret Garden Photowalkers! (more…)

25 10 2016


24 10 2016
Young in Prison Auction | 17 NOVEMBER 2016

We are pleased to announce that Young in Prison South Africa (YiPSA) will be hosting its inaugural YiPSA Photo Exhibition & Auction at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography, which will boast a selection of work by both established and emerging South African photographers and artists. This event will be the first of its...

29 09 2016
TERM EXHIBITION | 29 September 2016

View the work produced by our Full-Time and Part-Time students, in collaboration with the Orms Space exhibition here

01 09 2016

Join our Summer | Autumn 2016 Exhibition (more…)

31 08 2016
Darkroom Workshop with Dennis da Silva & Janus Boshoff

A Review by Nicole Fraser, Orms Cape Town School of Photography Darkroom Lecturer (more…)