02 07 2019
Why do you do what you do? | Cine Alumni Feature Ruan Booyens

Since the beginning, Ruan Booyens, a graduate of our Cinematography for Content Creation programme (2018), has had a unique ability to put across a story. This year he has decided to join us again, but in a slightly different way - by producing a video-series that demonstrate the skills he's gained during his year in...

02 07 2019

Congratulations to our wonderful groups of 6-Month Part-Time students of our Technical Photography programme and Video Content Production programme! We celebrated the end of their formal education with us with a bright and colorful brunch and certificate handovers, and the day concluded with the Student Exhibition opening where their work was displayed. The exhibition will...

01 07 2019
Journal Entries from Durban to Cape Town | AIR 2019

REFLECTIVE JOURNAL ORMS 2019: Personal entries by Thalente while on commute from Durban to Cape Town. 13 June 2019: 8H30 PM I am sitting in this bus of which should’ve been a plane, but the universe said no my girl I want you to experience this journey as organic as I can make it to...

30 06 2019
Our Selected 2019 Artist / Photographer in Residence

We are proud to announce our selected photographer for our Artist in Residence Programme for 2019 - Thalente Khomo. The residency itself will run for the duration of a month starting Friday, 14 June, for four weeks to Friday, 12 July. During this time, the artist/photographer in question will have access to a studio with...

16 04 2019
Seven Photographers Who Are Rewriting Street Photography’s Rigid Rules | Vice

These photographers are finding new ways of making pictures in public space: some staged, some digitally altered, all with uninhibited grit. Written by Jon Feinstein // Vice. In the nearly two centuries since Daguerre's classic 1838 Parisian street scene, exposed for several minutes, miraculously capturing two men who stayed still long enough to show up on the...

09 04 2019
Hands-on Experience VS Long, Boring Lectures | With 2018 Cine Graduate Johann Rademeyer

Before starting the programme, I was more excited to get my RPL than the actual programme itself. But after the first couple of days, I realised that I definitely made the right decision, and in the end, it was one of the best years of my life. Being able to go into class every day...

03 04 2019

We would like to invite you to join us in celebrating the work produced by the Orms Cape Town School of Photography staff and alumni opening on 2 May 2019 from 18:00 - 20:00. The work will be on display until 7 June 2019 and will have another open evening for First Thursdays. Our exhibitors...

29 03 2019

Last night we opened the first Student Exhibition of the year, showcasing the work of our Part-Time short course and 6-Month Technical Photography students. Along with this, SPACE was exhibited - an initiative by Orms to promote the love and passion for photography. The exhibition will be available to view between 08:00 – 17:00 from...

20 03 2019

This past Saturday we had our first Photowalk of 2019 at the Cape Town Carnival and it was our brightest photo-walk to date! Photography lecturer, Lauren Theunissen, guided 11 photography enthusiasts on a behind the scenes tour of Cape Town's most vibrant event. From hair and makeup to the incredible costume department and last-minute rehearsals...

11 03 2019
CLOSED | Artist in Residence 2019

Orms Cape Town School of Photography will be hosting an Artist/Photographer in Residence programme. Our residency programme is dedicated to those who have existing bodies of work OR to those who have well-established projects and are in need of access to the necessary equipment and input to further execute these projects and/or bring them into...

28 02 2019
Student Exhibition | 25 June 2019

Join us for a beautiful evening to celebrate the work produced by our Part-Time and Full-Time programme students!

27 02 2019
Cine Alumni Feature | Jacques Grobler

Since the beginning, Jacques Grobler, a graduate of both our 6-Month Technical Photography programme (2017) and our Cinematography for Content Creation programme (2018), had an incredible work ethic and purist aesthetic.   Now he's doing what he loves as a photographer and filmmaker for Rained Upon Media. He recently shot this project for world champion...