Our intensive, yearlong course of study is structured to develop technically refined creatives who are able to design and implement audiovisual content for online distribution. The course is for driven individuals who want the technical and conceptual knowledge to tell their stories in stunning visuals. They want to be YouTube famous and not Spielberg famous.

Students will be taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers and industry specialists within a supportive learning environment. The course curriculum is content driven and student centred, drawing on the participation of both the individual and the group. Coursework will consist of weekly assignments, group critiques, class discussions, practical exercises, tutorials and individual mentoring sessions. Students are encouraged to be experimental with their project tasks, rigorous in their research and exploration, and professional in their conduct.

In addition to their coursework, students will be expected to attend weekly lunchtime lectures and take part in school field trips and quarterly exhibitions. Students may also attend Part-Time-Study photo walks, open critique sessions, evening seminars and a diverse range of alternative Winter School courses as at no extra cost. Orms Cape Town School of Photography students will have access to an impressive range of resources and facilities on the school premises and Orms Rental to complete their assignments and passion projects.

At the end of their studies, students will leave with Practical and Creative Showreel, a personalised website, a business vision and an Drone license (CAA/0406).


Starting in January 2020.
Classes occur 5-days per week, from Mondays to Fridays.

Book a guided tour of our campus below! You can select three dates, where we will confirm one that matches with a suitable lecturer.


With RPL Qualification: R93 000 (Includes 15% VAT)

Without RPL Qualification: R84 000 (Includes 15% VAT)

Please note: Full payment is required up front for the year.


Course Features

  • Produce Professional and Creative Showreels.
  • Develop Visual and Media Literacy.
  • Develop visual storytelling skills.
  • Develop a personal creative process.
  • Learn about modern marketing, branding, and advertising.
  • Learn about social media platforms, how to author for each and develop marketing strategies using a combination of them.
  • Learn how to operate a professional business in Content Creation fields.
  • Practical workshops on creative thinking, scriptwriting, and pre-production.
  • Learn video production techniques using a variety of modern equipment.
  • Learn video and sound editing skills using modern software.
  • Learn colour grading skills using industry standard software.
  • Learn how to create and implement Motion Graphics in video productions.
  • Learn VFX compositing principles for manipulating visuals.
  • Practical hands-on sessions on production and post-production work.
  • Access to production and post-production equipment for assignment work & personal productions.
  • Weekly one-on-one consultation sessions with department staff or industry professionals.
  • Print discounts with Orms Printroom.
  • Regular Meet the Masters sessions with industry professionals.
  • RPL Course included in the programme fee.
  • Free entry to any Orms Cape Town School of Photography Short Courses and Workshops.



R93 000 (includes 15% VAT) for South African and non-South African citizens (includes RPL Drone License and equipment rental).

Please note: Full payment is required up front for the year.

  • – Implement technical camera and lighting work
  • – Develop heightened visual literacy
  • – Valid commercial Drone License (CAA/0406)
  • – Proficiency in location sound recording
  • – Implementation of editing and colour grading skills using post-production software
  • – Design motion graphics using post-production software
  • – Video content for online distribution
  • – Practical creative and professional showreels
  • – A custom designed website and online video presence
  • – A business vision
  • – Demonstrate a knowledge of monetizing content on a digital platform




  • – Digital Content Producer
  • – Camera operator
  • – Drone operator
  • – Motion Designer
  • – Video Editor
  • – Audio Visual Artist
  • – Social Media Content Producer
  • – Video Journalist
  • – Music Video Producer


A fully equipped studio with Elinchrom lighting gear, polyboards, a beauty dish and additional lighting equipment and lighting accessories, an infinity curve, green screen and a selection of paper backdrops.


All film, lighting and sound gear for classwork and assignments are provided by Orms CTSP and facilitated by Orms Rental. Students are encouraged to use gear for practice.

Mac Lab

Equipped with 27″ Apple Macintosh computers with the full Adobe Creative Suite and Da Vinci Resolve. Learn to use Premiere Pro, After Effects, Assimilate’s Scratch and Photoshop. Wi-Fi access is inclusive of course fees. The lab is also home to a dedicated film scanner.


Process negatives, print photographs and experiment with alternative photographic processes. Orms CTSP provides students with chemistry for their darkroom coursework, although additional printing is at your own cost.

Seminar Room

Equipped with air-conditioning, high-definition projector system & surround sound. Students are expected to attend weekly lunch-time lectures, hosted by various industry professionals and well-known South African and international photographers.


The school has an active gallery space showing work by lecturing staff, alumni students, current students, our Artist in Residence and special Orms CTSP guests.



You love visuals and want to know more


The course will push you, and you need to keep up


You want to create and shoot content weekly.


The online application form takes 5 minutes to complete. Before clicking below. Please make sure that you have the following documents ready:

  • – Digital copy of your ID or passport  (max size 2MB)
  • – Digital copy of your latest academic transcript
  • – 2 Minute video essay on the following topic: Why is cinematography important to me?

Please note:

  • Should you experience any problems with uploading your applications, please get in touch with Heather at or give us a call at +27 (21) 465-2152
  • Visa requirements are to your own accord and are recommended to be settled well before the commencement of this programme.
  • Only applicants who submit all the required information will be considered.

On acceptance, applicants will need to register as a student at Orms Cape Town School of Photography to secure their place. This process will be set in motion by the school.


Applications are free!

Only applications with all requested documentation will be considered. The applicant will be notified should he/she be accepted into the course, upon which a booking fee of R5000 will be requested to secure the space. This fee is non-refundable but forms part of the total course fee. The Orms Cape Town School of Photography reserves the right to close applications and registrations once all places have been filled.




Practical Cinematography aims to develop technically strong individuals so that they can implement and create visually pleasing content.

For at least six hours a week, students will receive hands-on and intense technical experience using cameras, lights, sound equipment, and post production software.

These contact hours will be supported by additional bi-weekly tech talks from Orms Pro-Broadcast to keep up with local developments in their chosen field. The course’s approach to post-production is that production will aim to shoot as flat as possible so that creative choices can be taken in post-production. This is in keeping with modern filmmaking.


Content Creation focuses on the various ways video is used to tell a story with a particular focus on modern technology and mediums. Instead of a standard scriptwriting course, it will focus on developing a story for vlogs, online news, commercials, music videos, documentary, social media marketing, branding and other short format videos.


Visual Literacy consists of a combination of lectures, discussions, critiques, films, gallery outings and other events dedicated to establishing the student’s understanding of the photographic medium within the broader context of image production, including the visual languages ubiquitous in news, scientific research and popular culture, for example. During the year the student will learn to make informed decisions about the analyses and interpretation of the image as a signifier.


Students will attend facilitated workshops, throughout the course of the year, dedicated to providing them with the necessary skill set to draw up and establish a business plan tailored to their particular interest. In addition to addressing their business vision, students will learn how to manage a business, develop and market their products and services, draw up service agreements, invoices, contracts, monetise their content and manage their tax return.


Creating a platform for housing work online is an essential skill, enabling students to manage their web presence and image interface.  In the Web Development component of their studies, students will learn how to build their own website


The last term of the year is dedicated exclusively to developing and shooting concepts that will be used to form two separate showreels. We believe that a successful showreel should be able to showcase diverse projects that the student has contributed to.

The Creative Showreel is for experimental projects that do not necessarily fall within known video genres or concepts. The Professional showreel is a product tailored for the student to pitch for commercial work once he or she has completed their studies.



      • How to apply technical camera work
      • How to apply technical lighting work
      • Be proficient in location sound recording
      • How to edit, colour correct and grade
      • How to create motion graphics using relevant software
      • How to create video content from concept to distribution
      • Conceptualise and produce creative projects towards a Creative Showreel
      • Conceptualise and produce commercial projects towards a Professional Showreel
      • Creating a custom designed website and online video presence
      • Develop a business vision
      • Learn to fly a drone commercially and receive an RPL license
      • Demonstrate a knowledge of monetising content on a digital platform
      • Develop heightened visual literacy
  • Digital Content Producer
  • Camera operator
  • Drone operator
  • Motion Designer
  • Video Editor
  • Audio Visual Artist
  • Social Media Producer
  • Video Journalist
  • Music Video Producer

Although we do not currently offer bursaries or scholarships, this is definitely something we’ll do in the future. Please contact us if you’d like to be notified of any such opportunities in the future.

Although we do not offer accommodation, there are ample apartment blocks and living quarters in our surroundings. Here are some recommended places:

Student at Home ||
Student and Life ||
Rent a Room ||
South Point ||
My Domain Living ||
Campus Key ||
The Baobab ||
Twisted Lemon ||

The interview will be an opportunity to talk, ask questions and get to know each other. Come as you are!

Firstly, ensure that you have submitted all the required documents and materials as stated below. We will notify you via email or telephonically to congratulate you upon acceptance within the first 2 weeks after your review.

Documents required

  • Online application (found under the “Apply” tab above)
  • Motivational Essay: 250 – 500-word essay on the following topic: “Why is cinematography important to me?”
  • A copy of your ID/passport
  • All relevant educational certificates

Please note: Only applicants who submit all the required information will be considered.

On acceptance, applicants will need to register as a student at Orms Cape Town School of Photography to secure their place. This process will be set in motion by the school.

Yes – please send us your latest results to review.

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