Full-Time Student End of Year Show

Posted by - rita

We are so proud of our class of 2016 full-time students – they have developed their skills in photography and life in front of our eyes. The end of this particular learning journey has come to an end and we were privileged enough to raise a glass and share an evening of gratitude and celebration with them at their graduation.

We opened the evening with the delicate and refreshing tastes of New Harbour Gin Cocktails, and appreciated beautiful words by Dominique Edwards and Eugene van der Merwe during the graduation certificate handover. Gabriella Nell, one of the graduates, shared with us her insights and memories of the year – we were all moved by how well she pinpointed the school and its’ staff.

We wish all our graduates only the best, and trust that they know we are here for them to support all their photographic endeavors!

Enjoy the gallery of the evening below:

Graduation Gallery

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