Introducing Lauren Theunissen Our 2016 Artist in Residence

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“Walking the City is an ongoing photographic enquiry, which explores the sense of liminality and impermanence of the situations I stumble across on the pavements of Cape Town. My photographs for this project (thus far) have all been taken using my cell phone camera device, as this technology lends itself to the unobtrusive observational nature of my photographic interest,” – Lauren Theunissen

Lauren Theunissen has recently completed the Orms Cape Town School of Photography Artist in Residence programme, in which she was given the opportunity and resources to further develop her body of work, Walking the City. Walking the City | Open Archive presents a selection of work which positions itself as a glimpse into Theunissen’s photo-archive.

“Walking the City (2015 – ) reveals the Cape Town that I experience as opposed to the well packaged, high gloss brochures of our wonderful city.” – Lauren Theunissen

Through this ongoing photographic enquiry, Walking the City (2015 – ), explores the liminality and impermanence of situations Theunissen stumbles across on the pavements of Cape Town. Her photographs have all been taken using her cell phone camera device, as this technology lends itself to the unobtrusive observational nature of her photographic interest. Theunissen makes use of this ever-growing archive through the creation of photo books. Her photographs are sequenced to form a stream-of-conscious narrative and eventually dispersed in a collection of photo books.

“I promote a sense of discovery through the interaction of paging through books. Page by page, step by step, Walking the City (2015 – ) describes my experience of walking through and observing the particular streets of Cape Town.”- Lauren Theunissen

Born in Cape Town, Theunissen graduated from Michaelis School of Fine art, 2015, Majoring in Photography. She has recently been awarded the Tierney Fellowship, which will further facilitate her new body of work for Walking the City 2016/2017.

Exhibition Opening: Thursday, 21 July,2016, 6pm-8pm 

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