We are thrilled to welcome Thandiwe Msebenzi as our Photographer / Artist in Residence. Herewith her artist statement on the current body of work she will be focusing on during her time with us and beyond:

The work is in development and draws on the everyday silencing and normalisation of violence against the female figure. As a means of exploring this issue, Thandiwe make use of her own body as a subject. she also makes repeated use of a men’s blazer throughout this work.

This article of clothing represents the powerful presence of patriarchy in society that often stifles and makes invisible female power.  In this work, the outline of a female figure is seen, but also made invisible behind the blazer. In other examples, the female figure is portrayed rising up through and simultaneously being held back by the blazer.

These photographs are part of an on going body of work and indeed conversation that attempts to engage the invisibility, silencing of the woman. The rest is still to come as both the work and ideas are continuously evolving. With each new peace that is made different one is born after that which either challenges Thandiwe’s old thoughts or continues the narrative.

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