The studio walls and long wheely tables are becoming overcrowded by prints.  Carefully composed pictures of poop are being juxtaposed with stray braids,ice-cream wrappers and people walking out from the train station. This is the week when some serious organising and critical reflection has to take place.

Having printed a selection of my favourite moments each week I can begin to make links between photographs and form narratives. The links are superficial in the beginning of this sorting process. I find myself making links using the tonal and compositional likenesses between images. It is important in my practice and process to remain open about where the project goes and what narrative emerges through sequencing. I fiddle around with photos and lay them all out on a table or two. When laying the images out at random, an image may sit next to another that I never thought could go together. Unexpected conversations start to occur. Nothing is set in stone at this point so it is always good to play around and see what is teased out through this play.

At this point in the project I can see patterns have emerged and I can pick out collections that I have subconsciously been piecing together. It is constructive to see the trends of your own work so that you can either continue or shift your way of working. I now know what kind of imagery I need to be consciously looking out for and what kinds of moments I can ignore as I have already covered the kind of shot well enough to avoid wasting time on repeating myself. In some cases I will need to attempt to reshoot something for whatever reason. This reflection time is crucial for the process orientated nature of Walking the City.

Side note:

I was approached by a few different individuals about what I was doing hovering over a pile of bananas, for example. It is so strange when your invisibility cloak is lifted and and a simple question turns into a sharing of life stories, then a studio visit and an exchanging of contacts to meet again. Until this project is was very rare that this sort of thing would happen to me. I am not sure how many people walk around and come across a random person who then becomes a friend? Then is something quite amazing about connecting with someone with no expectations other than some good conversation. It feels quite a rare thing to have happen so frequently over the last few weeks.It is also very interesting to engage with the people that frequent a space and to hear of their experiences. Even if it is not direct;y related to the street i which you meet but rather about their personal story. I has become important for me to know who navigates the space so that I can better identify with the remnants that the frequenters leave behind.

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