This post is dedicated to those who made this Residency possible.

The space that Orms Cape Town School of Photography has opened up for me has given me creative freedom. This is worth the world to any emerging artist / photographer and I am beyond grateful for this.This Residency has enabled me to fully immerse myself in Walking the City again. This is extremely useful considering the recent announcement of my Tierney Fellowship Award. I hadn’t really photographed anything for myself in a few months and being accepted into the Residency gave me a confidence in my ability and reignited my belief in my practice and this project. Thank you.

Starting this process again was intimidating – it still is. I questioned myself and my work. I was extremely nervous of disappointing those who had awarded this to me, but worse, I was terrified of disappointing myself. I pushed myself a lot during the course of the month and kept challenging my routine way of photographing to develop something better.

I worked outside of my comfort zone a lot of the time and trusted my gut when put into some strange situations. I have met so many beautiful minds over this last month because I took the time to stop and listen. I took the time to look and to see and to begin to understand the way our city moves. I think the success of this project, thus far, has been grounded on my willingness to learn  about Cape Town city space. This is how I begin to know where to stand and when. Through photography I am creating an alternative narrative for understanding and negotiating space in Cape Town. I am extremely grateful for the space I have been given over this last month to continue with this project.

The beautiful, clean white-wall space is an absolute delight – a neutral thinking space to explode in. I don’t think I explain how important uninterrupted thinking space can be when needing to work through the complexities of theorizing and sequencing a body of work into something meaningful. Dominique Edwards has been an amazing mentor to me over this last month. It is important to have someone who is able to listen, feedback and facilitate a creative process. I value all the time and energy that Dominique has given and I will carry her wise words and remember her calming temperament wherever I go. Also she made me Buchu tea which I have never had before and now can’t stop having.

Thank you Mike Ormrod and Orms Cape Town school of Photography you have given me space, time, materials and a friendly professional working environment. I could not ask for more. I will remember my time here forever! This is the beginning of great things to come.

Save the date: Walking the City: Open Archive, Thursday, 21 July 2016.

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