By 2017 One-Year Full-Time Photography graduate, Julia Celms


Our intensive, year-long course of study is structured to develop technically refined, creative photographers, who are able to explore and define their goals, situate their work within a broad meaningful context, and establish a solid foundation from which to build their careers.

Students will be taught by highly qualified and experienced lecturers, industry specialists and fine artists within a supportive learning environment. The course curriculum is content driven and student-centred, drawing on the participation of both the individual and the group. Coursework will consist of weekly assignments, group critiques, class discussions, practical exercises, tutorials and individual mentoring sessions. Students are encouraged to be experimental with their project assignments, rigorous in their research and exploration, and professional in their conduct.

The scholarship includes all course fees but excludes printing and exhibition work. The scholarship students will receive a 40% discount at Orms Print. Financial support for personal living costs is not included in the scholarship. Limited scholarships available per year.



January 2020 Intake:

Starting 20 January 2020 – 4 December 2020.

The succesful candidate will need to be present at orientation on Friday, 17 January 2020.


15 November 2019.

  • Orms Cape Town School of Photography are looking for photographers who want to develop their interest and skills in photography. This is a highly intensive programme and you must be fully committed to the programme.
  • You must have passed matric with higher certificate clearance. Exceptions will be made for students older than 23 years of age with work experience.
  • You must have a good grasp of the English language both spoken and further applied in research and writing.
  • Preference will be given to those from a previous disadvantage background
  • You must reside in Cape Town or surrounds

Don’t be afraid of the portfolio! As part of your application, we would like to get to know you better. The portfolio is not to see if you are a competent photographer already but to understand you better. The portfolio can be completed with a DSLR or even on your smartphone camera. Please read through the below carefully. If you have any questions, please email

For your portfolio, you will need to:

  1. Take three photographs on the topic: The Self Portrait
  2. Take three photographs on the topic: People
  3. Take three photographs on the topic: Places
  4. Take three photographs on the topic: Objects
  5. Write a letter of motivation (250 – 500 words) explaining why you would like to study photography.



Number images: Self-portraits 1-3

Take three very different self-portraits. Consider the whole frame of each picture before shooting and be sure to only include that which is related to the idea you would like to explore.


Number images People: 1-3

Photograph three different people. You can direct them carefully, to make planned and deliberate photographs, or photograph them as they work, play, relax etc. The person should be aware that you are photographing them, and it would be good if they know what you are trying to accomplish with the photographs. Your images should introduce the viewer to the person you are photographing and attempt to reveal something of their character or situation.


Number images Places: 1-3

Photograph three different places. These places might be indoors or out in the open. It may be a home or part of the city, or it may be a natural space such as a beach or forest. It can even be a commercial space such as a factory or market. Your images should give the viewer an impression of what it feels like to be in that place.


Number images Objects: 1-3

Photograph three different objects. These objects should be small enough to fit in a shoe-box. Characteristics that may make your objects interesting to photograph might include their shape, colour, texture, reflection and the purpose or function of the object. Try to make photographs that show the object in a surprising or unexpected way.


Please save your files as jpg. labeled in the following format: NameSurname_theme_no.jpg


How to zip a folder:

  1. Locate the file or folder that you want to zip.
  2. Press and hold (or right-click) the file or folder, select (or point to) Send to, and then select Compressed (zipped) folder. A new zipped folder with the same name is created in the same location.)

STEP 1: Read through all the terms and conditions of this scholarship
STEP 2: Produce your photographic portfolio as per “Portfolio Requirements” and write your motivational letter.
STEP 3: Prepare your documents as stipulated below (copy of your ID and latest academic transcript)
STEP 4: APPLY! Applying is free and takes 5 minutes to complete!

Please make sure that you have the following documents ready for a speedy submission:

  1. Digital copy of your ID or passport  (max size 2MB)
  2. Digital copy of your latest academic transcript
  3. Zipped folder of your portfolio as per the portfolio requirements
  4. A letter of motivation (250 – 500 words) explaining why you would like to study photography.


Please note:

  1. Only applications with all requested documentation will be considered.
  2. Should you experience any problems with uploading your applications, please get in touch with Heather or give us a call at +27 (21) 465-2152
  3. Visa requirements are to your own accord and are recommended to be settled well before the commencement of this programme.
  4. Kindly note that there is a limited number of scholarships available per year.
  5. Only applications with all requested documentation will be considered. The applicant will be notified if his/her/their application has qualified for the next stage of the process wherein a telephonic or face-to-face interview will be arranged. Successful applicants will be notified via email.



For applicants currently at school:
If you are currently at school, you must include all of your latest results with your application. These include final grade 11 results, which  must be submitted online

For applicants currently at another tertiary institution:
If you are currently studying at another institution, you must include your latest transcript with your application. Do this by uploading the transcript when applying online (or include a certified paper copy of your transcript, should you be applying on paper). Ensure that you include a sworn translation of your transcript where it is not in English. If you fail to disclose that you are studying at another institution,  your application will be canceled.

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