Orms Birthday Special | CLOSED

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Thank you for celebrating with us! The Orms Birthday Special for 2018 is officially closed!


We’re sharing the birthday love this year! Join us and grab two courses for the price of one! See which courses are available for our birthday special below, and once you’ve made your decision simply fill out the form to submit your order.

Digital Photography 101

Learn to take better digital photographs with your Digital camera by increasing your theoretical understanding of photography and exploring your creative side.

Cost: R3,600.00
Structure: 5 consecutive Tuesdays
Dates: 3 – 31 July 2018 | 18:00 – 21:00

Lightroom 101

Learn about essential post-production and image management to get the most out of your photographs.

Cost: R3,200.00
Structure: 4 consecutive Wednesdays.
Dates: 7 – 28 Aug 2018 | 18:00 – 21:00

Macro Photography Workshop

Explore the visual world beyond the reach of ‘normal’ photography by working in close-up situations to simplify and abstract what is in front of the camera.

Cost: R2500.00
Structure: Saturday and Sunday.
Dates: 6 – 7 Oct 2018


Learn how to use the manual video functions on your DSLR, compose and capture professional footage, understand how to use light to create mood and help tell your story, and perform basic editing skills using Adobe Premiere Pro to finish a video production.

Cost: R5500.00
Structure: 8 consecutive Wednesday evenings
Dates: 22 Aug – 10 Oct 2018 | 18:00 – 21:00


  • Should the minimum number of students not be reached five days before the start of the course, Orms CTSP will proceed with the following:
  • We will contact you directly to update you regarding the status of the course. Normally any course sees a sudden spike in enrolments three days before the course starts, so it is not an indication that the course will be canceled.
  • If we were to cancel the course, Orms CTSP can either defer you to the next intake dates or arrange one on one session with the lecturer. If none of these appeals to you, we will refund you the full amount of the course. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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