We are proud to announce our selected photographer for our Artist in Residence Programme for 2018 – Jabu Nadia Newman. The residency itself will run for the duration of a month starting Monday, 11 June, for four weeks to Friday, 6 July.

During this time, the Jabu Nadia Newman will have access to a studio with adequate wall space for the editing and sequencing of their work, the use of our studio lighting equipment, a dedicated camera for the duration of their residency, mentorship by internal and external photographers and industry professionals, the use of our darkroom if so required, the use of a dedicated Mac in our Mac-lab and a stipend of 15 working prints (6×9”) per weekday. The residency will culminate in an exhibition, which will be followed by a presentation by Jabu Nadia Newman on her work and their process. Through creating this support base, we aim to ensure the necessary freedom and support for Jabu to practice her art.


“From a young age I’ve always been interested in images. I first attended art classes in primary school and spent my afternoons and Saturday mornings create drawings, painting and clay figures from pure imagination. My parents always encouraged me to be creative and attending a Waldorf school helped me discover my creative talents. At the age of 15 I received my first camera. An old point and shoot film camera that my aunt found in her home and gifted to me. I took my first photos with that camera on my grade 10 Orange River class camp and still look at those photos from time to time nowadays. On my 16th birthday, my best friend, who was also interested in photography, gifted me a second hand Pentax Spotmatic 35mm camera and since then I’ve been shooting with the same two cameras ever since. My love for film developed from an early age and that wonder and excitement of shooting on 35mm has never died. In fact it has only increased and sparked interest in understanding the differences and qualities of both film and digital photography.

I’m 24 years old now and I’ve been shooting my friends, family, community and surroundings obsessively as I engage with the world through still and moving images.

Having first photographed my family and friends around me I realized that by capturing moments a more poignant story can be told in the way that one angles, lights and positions an individual. I then became interested in fashion photography and embracing the idea of creating a story rather than just capturing it. Portraiture and documentary photography carried on being my solace and escape from the world. Walking around my neighbourhood on a Sunday and capturing the personalities I managed to have a conversation with. But my more staged or curated images were moments of inspiration and creativity that helped sparked my ideas on pursuing photography as an art form.

This has brought me to the place of wanting to create my first solo exhibition and new body of work that consists of a theme I have been grappling with and imagining in my mind for over a year.

The older I get the more I regret not capturing all the moments I experienced and photographing my family is the one thing I want to spend my life doing. Creating a narrative and theme that speaks of coloured identity, forced removals and lost family history I want to start shaping my heritage in my art and photography.

Jabu Nadia Newman

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