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I’m a Cape Town-based photographer and model. I studied at Orms Cape Town School of Photography for a year. I am currently an in-house photographer for The Fantastic Agency, a model and talent agency based in Cape Town, as well as interning as an assistant for a wedding videographer. I plan to study a video course to add to my skill set. I provide a fun, inclusive, and safe space for people, having them be a part of the creative process.

I’ve been passionate about image-making since a very young age and it’s always been an opportunity for me to play, explore and have fun whilst creating work that my clients will love. My interest in storytelling and people extends into my work through the way that I photograph, which I ultimately use to share and tell an array of different stories. I feel strongly about lifting up people of colour, especially women, in the creative industry. As a female POC, I try my best to approach and work with subject matter/participants in a sensitive, empowering, and honest manner. Feel free to contact me. I look forward to photographing with you!

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