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Chriss Kleynhans is a Cape Town-based photographer who grew up in a coastal town. Spending many hours in the ocean’s water, her main focus is underwater photography. Upon her arrival at Orms Cape Town School of Photography in 2020 to pursue her dream of becoming a professional photographer, her mind was opened to countless photography genres and styles.

Striving to create work worth every click of her camera, she specializes in fashion, product, and food photography. She embraces the tactile qualities which materials hold and the colours hidden in its layers. Making photographs that include fabrics, objects, and food of any kind, she is inspired to create a visual of not only her imagination but her fellow creative.

Now, she aspires to become a fashion photographer, whilst creating work that touches subjects deeper than the water’s surface, bringing her creativity to life through underwater performance art and cyanotypes.

Although she is a mermaid at heart, she trades her tail for bare feet, a camera, and boiling coffee to create meaningful, and unique photographs.

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