Harlita Fatihah

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Harlita Nurul Fatihah was born and raised in Indonesia and moved to Cape Town in 2016. She studied Finance and Banking Management at university but now focuses on photography.
She has an intense passion for traveling and discovering new cultures. Knowing that not everyone is blessed with seeing these sights in person, she uses photography to capture visual memories of moments in time and share them with the world. She especially loves doing this through landscape and food photography.
When not busy with photography she loves listening into music, hiking, yoga and cooking delicious treats in the kitchen for her husband.

View her photographs produced during this year, along with her year-end interview below:


When you started the programme what genre of photography were you interested in and has this shifted over the course of the year?

From the beginning, I was really keen to learn about Food Photography and Landscape Photography. After those modules, it made me even more interested in the genre!

Analogue (film) or Digital photography and why?

Digital. Because it is much easier for me to process. 

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?

Food Photography and Landscape Photography!

Why did you choose to study photography?

Because I love art, I love to capture the best moments of my life, and with photography, I am able to express myself.

What has been your biggest misconception about photography as a practice?

That taking a photograph is done without thinking. Which means before taking a photograph, we should know the subject, the composition as well as the elements of it.

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt on the course?

I’ve learnt to always respect other people work because creating an artwork is not easy, and that I should open my eyes to different ways and different aspects so that can see everything new and afresh.

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?

Find your passion, then everything will be alright! Do not give up on anything, because everything is worth to be learned!