Luske Biermann


“Every landscape I see is now an opportunity for a fashion shoot.” – Luske Biermann.

View their photographs produced during this year, along with their year-end interview below:



When you started the programme what genre of photography were you interested in and has it shifted over the course of the year?

I was interested in portraiture and documentary. I still have a fascination with these fields but also found a love for fashion photography.

Analogue (film) or Digital photography and why?

I prefer the look and feel of analogue but only use it for certain projects. Digital is definitely the medium I use more, since I can experiment without any implications.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?

I love environmental portraiture as well as fashion within particular landscapes.

Pick three words/phrases that describe your approach to the medium?

Always willing to learn. Practice makes perfect and always be creative.

Why did you choose to study photography?

I always had a fascination with art and enjoyed any form of creativity. I never tried photography and thought it would be the perfect medium to express myself.

What has been the most noteworthy shoot/project you have done this year?

The end of the year- personal project, the growth, and learning process was by far the best part.

Who is your biggest photographic influence at the moment and how?/why?

William Kentridge

What has been your biggest misconception about photography as a practice?

The organization aspect of shoots and how long the editing process takes.

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from the course?

To embrace every challenge as an opportunity to learn and future your skillset. Also the importance of working in an environment with like-minded people that can push you to your full potential.

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?

I would recommend that anyone could do this course if they are passionate about photography and would like to build on their photographic skills.

How has photography shifted the way that you navigate the world?

Every landscape I see is now an opportunity for a fashion shoot.