Megan McGrath



Born in Cape Town in 1996, after growing up in Malawi until moving back to South Africa in 2014 to study at the Orms Cape Town School of Photography, Megan is a photographer currently working in Cape Town, South Africa. Where her portfolio projects have been primarily concerned with the exploration of light and texture and immersing herself in the places she enjoyed photographing.

Artist Statements

Unobserved Moments

This work, this project, the unobserved moments has been an intense exploration of the idea of how we view body its form and shape. Through the process of trying to understand better the idea of how individuals perceive the meaning of body I came across a whole world of beauty, a different space and sphere in which to envision this work. It started with a look into different ideas of the meaning of body, the human  body, bodies of water and the idea of sky and plants being a body in and of themselves. The research went deeper when looking at the minute details of bodies through a macro lens. This work came together as a compilation of tone, palette and a sense of space and peacefulness- a realization that the mind can view and transform forms into anything it needs them to be.


I started creating this project to try and show the state of transition between sleeping and waking, that moment we all experience everyday that is so fleeting. My work slowly morphed into an intimate exploration of human spaces, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and homes. I want to show an inhabited yet lonely space that gives an impression of being safe but still vulnerable. My subject matter has been limited due to physical illness but has also given an opportunity to make the work more personal and private.

I work best by spending time alone, reflecting on what is in my intimate space, I think about what makes me as an individual unique and through that, what makes me vulnerable to the world around me.

I find myself exploring and looking at tranquil scenes and moments, I am drawn to soothing poetic places, I like to get a glimpse into the more intimate, quiet moments of everyday life. To be a part of a moment of transition is exactly where I want my work to take me.

Contact Information:

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