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A quick chat with Muneebah

When you started the programme what genre of photography were you interested in and had this shifted over the course of the year?
I’ve always been interested in fashion portraits, and it has not changed.

Analogue (film) or Digital photography and why?
Digital because it is easy to work with.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?
Beautiful or attractive people

Pick three words/phrases that describe your approach to the medium?
Compassion, angel and colour

Why did you choose to study photography?
I’ve always wanted to create exciting images.

What has been the most noteworthy shoot/project you have done this year? (Perhaps provide a few examples of the shoot)
My first food photography shoot. I never realised what they have to go through to get a beautiful image.

Who is your most significant photographic influence at the moment and how?/why?
My favourite photographer at the moment is derrick freske. He uses everyday objects with his models, and he creates amazing images. @dfreske

What has been your biggest misconception about photography as a practice?
Everything I thought I knew about photography was a lie!!!!!!

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt on the course?
You want to take on any projects if you do now have the time or if you to busy with other important things in your life because when you have a really small amount of time to do something that would typically take weeks, you just wasting your time creating images in a rush (like term 4).

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?
They do not tell us about the extra cost within the course like test prints, contact sheets, journals, photographic paper and film.

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