Ruan Booyens

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Ruan Booyens is an artist and content creator, driven to explore the spiritual and emotional aspects of life. He is deeply influenced and motivated by his personal struggles and experiences in life. He aims to process this and produce work that motivates, moves people.


When you started the programme what genre of video media were you interested in and has this shifted over the course of the year?

When I started the programme, I was still very unaware of what content was out there and had my vision set for everything. I certainly enjoyed the idea of music videos and could see myself doing that. I have since learned a lot, and my interest in music videos has increased. I also enjoy short films, visual poetry as well as motivational videos.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?

Anything narrative-driven with interesting cinematography and colour. If there’s a good story and the amazing visuals to go with it, I’m in.

Pick three phrases that describe your approach to the medium?

Creative problem-solving.
Tell my story.
What is my story?

Why did you choose to study cinematography and content creation?

I’m a creative by nature and being a photographer by hobby, found myself naturally gravitating towards video production. I made a music video for a band last year and was completely hooked. This was the obvious next thing to do – I needed to expand my knowledge.

What has been the most noteworthy shoot/project you have done this year?

My short film. It is by a long shot the project that required the most effort and energy, which I also learned a tremendous amount from. Needless to say that it was also the project with the most freedom. You can watch it here:

Who is your biggest videographic influence at the moment and how?/why?

I actually don’t have one as I don’t watch much content.

What has been your biggest misconception about videography and content creation as a practice?

Probably the amount of work that is required to perform well and stay on top of your game or keeping up with the industry.

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt on the course?

Creativity is a beautiful thing, and when you’re stuck in a corner and nothing is working out, digging yourself out of that problem might just be the best solution to the initial problem. Also, never stop producing or shooting – stay in the rhythm of creating content, because when you stop or pause, it can be challenging getting back into that space of productivity.

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?

Sign up, and apply yourself to the course. Use the opportunities you’ve been given in the course framework to explore your creativity and imagination.

How has videography shifted the way that you navigate the world?

Videography has put in me positions where I had to try and find the best of a situation; the best angle, the best light, etc.; and this can be applied to life. It’s easy to just see things plainly and as they are, but if you’re willing to try and gain a new perspective and use your creativity to see the beauty in everyday things, you’ll find it.