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“I am Zodwa Ntuli, mostly known as Lee, born and bread in Pretoria, Soshanguve. I moved to Cape Town in 2018 to peruse photography and landed at Orms Cape Town School of photography where I enrolled in Full-time Professional Photography course for the year 2018. My love for photography began in high school when I bought my first Kodak 35mm film camera. I knew then that I could take pictures for the rest of my life but this was not to be. After meandering through various careers and work I was fell back into photography. Upon exploring different genres of photography, I was drawn more towards studio photography. I shoot most of my work with a Canon DSLR camera but I would also love to start working with the 35mm film camera. I’m looking forward to exploring life and its subjects and to capture history as it happens, through my lens to produce evidence of life and to tell stories of unsung heroes.”

View her photographs produced during this year, along with her year-end interview below:


When you started the programme what genre of photography were you interested in and has this shifted over the course of the year?

I was interested in documentary photography.

Analogue (film) or Digital photography and why?

Digital, it is much easier and faster to work with.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?

I am drawn to portraiture and spaces.

Pick three words/phrases that describe your approach to the medium?

Simple, engaged, passionate.

Why did you choose to study photography?

Photography is something I always wanted to explore and possibly make a career out of.

What has been the most noteworthy shoot/project you have done this year?

It was an assignment in response to the body. I used a film camera which slowed down the process and helped me to engage with my own body. That assignment was the beginning of the work that I focused on in my final creative portfolio.

Who is your biggest photographic influence at the moment and how/why?

My biggest photographic influence at the moment is Santu Mofokeng. His subject matter and the message that he conveys through his work challenges the viewer.

What has been your biggest misconception about photography as a practice?

My biggest misconception about photography was that it was all about taking pictures and displaying them for the purpose of creating beautiful images.

What is the most valuable thing you have learnt on the course?

The most valuable things that I have learnt are the importance of planning and time management.

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?

I would advise them to be open-minded, dedicated, ready to learn and most importantly to love what they are doing.