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A quick Interview with Zubeidah

When you started the programme, what genre of photography were you interested in and has this shifted over the course of the year?
When I first started the programme, I was interested in doing wedding photography as its the industry is profitable and I wasn’t too interested in photography as an art form. 

My interest shifted significantly over the course of the year. I am more concerned with photography as an art and it’s where I’ve focused all of my attention.

Analogue (film) or Digital photography and why?
Analogue. Definitely analogue. 

Analogue gives the image a kind of unique quality that is not achievable with digital photography. 

Since I’ve spent much time in the darkroom this year, I feel there is a completely different language between the analogue and digital. 

To me, analogue, specifically darkroom images, creates a sense of intimacy and connection.

What subject matter do you find yourself drawn to?
Strange as it may seem, I enjoy photographing arb things like washing lines and random trolleys, things that are entirely out of place. I also enjoy documentary photography.

Pick three words/phrases that describe your approach to the medium?
Considered, methodical, poetic

Why did you choose to study photography?
I chose to study photography because it was vastly different from what I did before but could still be used to explore the human condition. And, on a lighter note, I wanted to be in a creative industry.

What has been the most noteworthy shoot/project you have done this year?
My personal project was the most remarkable project that I’ve done this year. The experience was uncomfortable and all-encompassing. Looking back at the work that I’ve produced for the project; I realised that my discomfort about the work and looking at the work produced is what made it successful. 

It was a self-portrait project based on the female experience.

Who is your most significant photographic influence at the moment and how?/why?
Because my personal project was such a massive part of my life in these recent weeks, my biggest photographic influences have been artists such as Zanele Muholi and Cindy Sherman because their work is mostly performance-based.

What has been your biggest misconception about photography as a practice?
That it doesn’t have as big a place in art as it does commercially.

What advice would you give to anyone seriously considering applying for the course?
Trust yourself, put in all of the effort. 

Listen to the lecturers because they really do know best. Take what is useful from their advice and combine it with your own intuition, and then go out and produce the best work possible.

How has photography shifted the way that you navigate the world?
I now get excited when I see things that are out place, like washing lines between highways.

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