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Alternative Print Week With Janus Boshoff | Van Dyke Brown and Salt print processes

Janus Boshoff, in conjunction with Orms Cape Town School of Photography, will present a weeklong workshop covering two historical photographic processes, the Van Dyke Brown and Salted Paper. The Van Dyke Brown process, characterised by strong and contrasty chocolate brown hues, was mainly used as a proofing process during the turn of the 20th century. The historically important Salted Paper process, invented by Henry Fox Talbot in the 1830’s, consists of delicate tones of red-brown, and is often referred to as the ‘poor man’s platinum print’. During this practical workshop, chemistry, paper choices, coating techniques, processing, and toning techniques will be covered. Participants will produce at least 6 images. Negative production and options will also be covered.

Daily from Monday – Friday.

All chemicals and materials.


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09h00-11h00: Welcome and Introduction to the week. Brief history of the Van Dyke Brown Process. Discussion on the process materials & techniques involved in the process.
11h00-11h20: Tea break
11h20-13h00: Second print with gold toner.
13h00-16h00: Continued printing time.


09h00-11h00: Introduction and demonstration of creative toning processes. 3rd Van Dyke Brown print, optional toning in cyanotype or gold.
11h00-11h20: Tea break
11h20-13h00: Brief introduction to Salt Paper and preparation for Wednesday.
13h00-16h00: Continued printing time.


09h00-11h00: Introduction to the Salted paper and history of the process. Demonstration on coating, exposure and processing. Produce your 1st salt print– not toned.
11h00-11h20: Tea break
11h20-13h00: 2nd print with gold toner
13h00-16h00: Continued printing time.


09h00-11h00: Discussion on the Salted Paer Process and applications. Produce final salt prints and choose whether or not to add toner.
11h00-11h20: Tea break
11h20-13h00: Injet negatives: Theory, practice, demonstration and discussion
13h00-15h00: Final opportunity to process prints optional afternoon unsupervised practical session.


09h00-11h00: General discussion and feedback on work produced over the week. Preparation for you to participate in the next student exhibition.
11h00 – 12h00: Options to take the alternative process further.