By Kelly Trindade
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Digital Photography 101 | One-week course

Getting to Know Your Camera


This entry-level one-week course combines theory and practice enabling you to take better digital photographs with your Digital SLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera by increasing your theoretical understanding of photography and exploring your creative side. Lecturers will be part homework critique session (practice) and theory.


5 consecutive days, 5 sessions of 4 hours each.


Two 6×9 photo prints for student exhibition.



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What will be covered in the course?

Session 1 How to setup your camera in different modes
Session 2 How to manipulate and use aperture and metering modes
Session 3 How to use shutterspeed
Session 4 What are lenses and their relationship with aperture
Session 5 Work with onboard flash and speedlight

You should enrol if:

  • You want to take better images
  • You are unaware of what manual mode can do to your photos
  • You are prepared to do homework each week to improve your photography

What you will need:

  • DSLR camera with 1 or more lenses. The standard zoom(s) are OK to begin with, but you’ll probably want to upgrade them at some point. We have more advice on this but will depend on what type of photography you want to go into in the long run.
  • UV filters to protect your lenses.
  • Spare battery for your camera, original or generic.
  • A tripod is essential and it’s a good idea to get one that is in line with the size and weight of your camera & lenses. A cable remote (can be a generic brand, but must suit your camera) is a very very good idea.
  • Two or more memory cards 16GB or larger.
  • An external flash (“Speedlight”) that works with your specific camera is recommended but not required.
  • Basic stationary i.e. notepad/book, pens, highlighter etc.

What previous students have said:

“I Really enjoyed the group of students – exchanging ideas and seeing each others images. How different we see the world.
Homework provided the incentive to go out and try something new”


“I very much enjoyed the different homework assignments we got – they allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and gave me a bigger perspectives on different types of photography.

What students have produced in the course:

Michelle Pret


Denise van Heerden

Denise van Heerden

Nadja Schafer

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