By Danillo Turilli
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From Brief to Billboard with Danillo Turilli | Fashion Photography Workshop

Join us for a rare opportunity to shoot under the guidance of the acclaimed fashion photographer, Danillo Turilli. Learn how to execute a successful and seamless shoot from start to finish, whilst receiving invaluable feedback on how to refine your creative approach with this theoretical & practical 1-Day Fashion Photography Workshop.




  • How to use flash, natural light, and a combination of both to deliver dynamic images.
  • Ask the right questions to fully understand client briefs.
  • Mood boarding & effective client presentation.
  • A brief introduction to Identify and hiring your dream team.
  • Castings & respectful management of your models on set.
  • Understand the basics of quoting, invoicing & expenditure allocation.
  • Working with make-up artists and stylists to share a vision.
  • Making curated selections for the client.
  • Basic workflow for grading in Lightroom.
  • Briefing your retoucher.
  • Delivering images to your client.
  • Backing up & image security.


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“I have learnt about lighting , working with a model , work flow , invoicing . How to handle myself in a meeting. What to expect with in the industry good and bad . Danillo and Justin where truly fantastic people and masters of their craft. Being a interior and Architectural Photographer, I have always had a fear of photographing people, up until now. It’s a new skill that I would like to look into now. I will always be grateful for Danillo and Justin kind words of encouragement .And meeting them is probably one of the most pinnacle moments in my life. Facing the fear head on with their help….. Please tell them thank-you so much for giving back!”

“It was interesting to get a glimpse behind the scenes of a working fashion photographers business, and I really enjoyed the discussion around pricing and quoting on potential work.”

“This course was incredibly beneficial in that I learned a lot about the process behind getting jobs and the admin / producer process that photographers and creatives go through. Most enjoyed course I have done thus far”

“This was a really enlightening and helpful course. I really enjoyed learning the process of getting a job and estimate pricing.”




 PRE-SHOOT LOW-DOWN | 09:00 – 12:30

– From the client consultation to hiring your team and effective pre-production planning.

BREAK | 12:30 – 13:30

– Light lunch & refreshments

SHOOT & POST PRODUCTION | 13:30 – 17:00

– Demo & practical shoot under the guidance of Danillo.


Danillo Turilli is a Cape Town based photographer, specialising in fashion photography.

His style has been formed over time by his Italian heritage, his travels and growing up in such a beautiful and diverse place such as Cape Town

His artistic compositions reflect his creativity and particular attention to detail and highlight his innate sense for interpreting the mood and lighting required to reflect the different feel needed for each shoot.


  • You want to increase your service offering as a photographer.
  • You want to refine your creative approach to fashion photography.
  • You have an interest in editorial photography.
  • You have an interest in fashion.


  • DSLR camera with 1 or more lenses.
  • Spare battery for your camera, original or generic.
  • A tripod is essential and it’s a good idea to get one that is in line with the size and weight of your camera & lenses.
  • Two or more memory cards 16GB or larger.
  • An external flash (“Speedlight”) that works with your specific camera is recommended but not required.
  • Basic stationary i.e. notepad/book, pens, highlighter etc.
  • Working knowledge on how to navigate Lightroom and perform basic edits.