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Food Lighting One-Day Workshop

Create & capture your foodie vision with our 1-day mouth-watering workshop in lighting & framing with seasoned food photographer, Matthys van Lill, and food stylist, Kalinka Lombard.


Create & capture your foodie vision with our 1-day mouth-watering workshop in lighting & framing and gain valuable insights about food photography and how you can get work towards reaching incredible results.

Taking great photographs of food is a hard-earned skill—after all, that’s why some people are lucky enough to get paid for it. But it’s also a lot easier to hone these days, no matter who you are.

What separates magazine-worthy photos from their less impressive counterparts isn’t a fancy camera or expensive equipment. It’s an understanding of what it takes to compose an appealing image and the confidence to execute your vision.




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  • Learn the industry standards for food photography from seasoned industry professional, Matthys van Lill and Kalinka Lombard
  • Apply the steps of proper preparation for a food shoot
  • Effective communication with clients
  • How to decide on the look and feel of the shoot
  • Discover lighting techniques that will bring the right flavour to your photos
  • Use natural light and balance with a bit of flash to capture juicy images
  • Learn the creative hacks that make everything seem even more delicious
  • Perform considered styling techniques as advised by Kalinka Lombard
  • Basic post production workflows that will take your simple  ingredients toward fine dining aesthetics
  • Deliver tasteful images to your client.


  • – You want to ask your own questions to a professional and have dedicated personal attention to improve your skills.
  • – You want to learn how to light and photograph food from an industry professional
  • – You want to gather invaluable tips on styling your foodie shoot.
  • – You want to increase your service offering as a photographer.
  • – You can shoot in manual mode on your DSLR.


Session 1
  • – Learn about the technical skill required to shoot food.
  • – Gather tips on how to work with lighting and composition.


Session 2
  • – Bring your very own food or dish of choice and learn to capture it in the best way possible.


What you will need:
  • – A dish for the second session
  • – DSLR camera with 1 or more lenses.
  • – Spare battery for your camera, original or generic.
  • – A tripod is essential and it’s a good idea to get one that is in line with the size and weight of your camera & lenses. A cable remote (can be a generic brand, but must suit your camera) is a very very good idea.
  • – Two or more memory cards 16GB or larger.
  • – An external flash (“Speedlight”) that works with your specific camera is recommended but not required.
  • – Basic stationary i.e. notepad/book, pens, highlighter etc.

Matthys started his photography career as a teenager when his father gave him his first Pentax 35mm film camera to capture his friends surfing on the East Coast. From here his love for photography grew and he decided to pursue his passion as a career.

His focus is on Food and Beverage photography and has collaborated on recipe books for the likes of Struik Publishing House and Jan Braai (Human & Rossouw, Book Storm). With his own studio which has a well fitted kitchen, plenty of light and space, Matt makes it the perfect place for your shoot!

Check out his website by clicking here.


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