Return to the creative opportunities of analogue photography. 

We created our Introduction to Film Photography course to cater to the growing interest in the vibrant and dramatic saturated images that analogue provides. 

This course caters for the photographer who has an understanding of basic photographic techniques. They will expand their skill set to include an introduction to colour and black and white films. 

The course will help students understand the technical and aesthetic characteristics of common contemporary materials. Through a hands-on process-oriented approach, we develop practical photographic projects that supported by introductions to a hybrid, scanning workflow, and black and white hand printing.


The course consists of one session per week for four weeks. Participants will need to complete homework projects in their own time.


  • One roll of black and white film, including processing and a contact print.
  • One roll of colour film, including processing and basic scans.
  • Black and white darkroom materials for in-class printing session.
  • Participation in the student exhibition, including prints


On completing this course, participants will have:

  • A practical and theoretical understanding of the use of contemporary analogue materials
  • Basic knowledge of a hybrid digital workflow incorporating analogue images
  • Basic knowledge of black and white hand printing

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