By Lize Mare Combrinck

Collating a photographic portfolio can be a daunting experience. Many have the intention to create one, or even get as far as collecting materials, but believe that their work isn’t good enough and don’t know how best to present it. Portfolio development provides weekly mentorship that is customised to your photographic body of work. With the guidance of the lecturer, you aim to produce a high-quality and considered portfolio.

This 10-session course will provide you with the necessary time, space and mentorship to set and achieve your photographic-portfolio goals.


  • Develop or fine-tune an existing body of work
  • Critically reflect on your photography
  • Work at a comfortable yet progressive pace
  • Submit work for feedback and critique
  • Produce a portfolio in the format a hard copy book or agency portfolio from concept to end-product
  • Exhibit your work.

Occurring on 10 consecutive Mondays.


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Session 1

  • Introductory presentations on each project
  • Workshop Component – Emerging concepts and creative process

Session 2

  • Critique & Discussion
  • Workshop Component – Making sense: Research methodologies and approaches

Session 3

  • Critique & Discussion
  • Workshop Component – Connecting: Finding relationships between images and ideas

Session 4

  • Critique & Discussion
  • Workshop Component – Exhibition Presentation and contextualisation

Session 5

  • Critique & Discussion
  • Workshop Component – Layout, exploring the book format in draft and proof printing

Session 6

  • Practical Session – Post Production & Layout

Session 7

  • Critique & Discussion
  • Workshop Component – Sign off on exhibition printing and framing and further exploring layout within the book format in draft and proof printing

Session 8

  • Practical session – Post Production & Layout

Session 9

  • Preparation for exhibition, preparing artist statements, captions and signing off on portfolio books

Session 10

  • Hanging Exhibition

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