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Reflections from the Road | From the Himalayas to Russia with Albert Retief

Albert Retief uses his camera as an extension of his curiosity and adventurous spirit, and with that traveled the world and documented situations most of us will never be able to.

We will be welcoming Albert to join us at the school for an interview-style Lunchtime Lecture, conducted by our Head of Practical Photography and acclaimed documentary photographer, Gerhardt Coetzee.

Since our previous Lunchtime Lecture Albert has shared with us, he has hiked the Himalayas in Nepal, rode a Tuk-tuk around Sri Lanka and traveled overland from Seoul South Korea to Yerevan in Armenia via the trans-Siberian railway through Russia and Georgia, and will be giving us the opportunity to live these moments through the lens.


– Life on the road – from the Himalayas to Russia,
– Different techniques on how he shoots different situations to accurately portray a feeling,
– How Albert, as a young person, persevered in a competitive landscape of photography, and continue to pursue his ideal life as traveler and photographer,
– How Instagram forms a pathway to how he communicates,
– Being a cultural chameleon – being able to adjust and flourish in any situation he lands in,
– How he approaches his subject matter
– His commitment to the road and being at peace with what he leaves behind each time he sets off on another journey.


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