Remote Pilot License | Fly Your Drone Safely & Legally in SA

Facilitated by Drone-X (Pty) Ltd – CAA/0163

Now available in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg

Drone-X (Pty) Ltd is an Approved Training Organization with the Civil Aviation Authority providing professional course for recreational and commercial RPAS Pilots. Our Training License number is CAA/0420

Our Remotes Pilots License (RPL) course provides pilots with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to safely and effectively operate unmanned aircraft commercially.

Our Introductory Course provides private individuals the knowledge and basic practical skills to operate the unmanned aircraft in a safe and legal manner. Introductory courses are not scheduled, we book your lesson with an instructor at a time that is convenient for you at one of training Venues.


We provide training at approved venues in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban.


To enrol in the RPL course, the prospective student must be 18 years and older, and have completed a Class 3 Aviation Medical Examination by an Aviation Medical Examiner that is approved by the South African Civil Aviation Authority. (You cannot do the examination with your local GP). Please contact us for a list of approved AME’s. The list is quite extensive, and we can provide you with a more detailed list of approved AME’s at your request.

The course has been broken up into four phases (details at bottom of page) and each phase has a cost associated with it.


The RPL Course can be comfortably completed within 4-6 weeks.


Quotation – Multi-Rotor Or Fixed Wing (Single License)

As with the phases of training we have structure the payment of the course according to the phases:

Phase 1 – Theory Training (Payable upon Registration)  R8000.00

Phase 2 – Restricted Radio License (Payable upon booking of CAA online Radio Exam): R2000.00

Phase 3 – Practical Training (Payable on first booking for Practical lesson) – R8000.00

Phase 4 – Skills Test (Payable on booking of final skills test) – R5000.00

TOTAL (Including VAT): R23 000.00

The above prices include all course material, CAA and DFE fees, and VAT. The price does not include the cost of the Aviation Medical Examination.

We can accommodate students that are unable to attend the full-time course, and wish to complete it in phases. Please note that the skills test must be completed within 90 days of passing the final theoretical exam. Each phase can be paid for separately.


To register

Please choose the city and starting date and complete registration by checking out.

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Our Training consists of the following Phases:

Phase 1 – Theory (7 Days Total)
The theory part of the course is broken up into 14 Modules. Internal exams are set for the following Subjects:
➢ Air Law
➢ Principles of Flight
➢ Aircraft Technical & General
➢ Meteorology
➢ Human Performance
➢ Flight Planning & Navigation

Phase 2 – Restricted Radio License
In addition to the 14 Modules above you are required to obtain a Restricted Radio License. This is covered during the 7 days of theory training. After which you will be required to write an online CAA examination as well as pass a Practical test with an approved CAA examiner. We normally suggest at least a week of study time in order to prepare for the CAA online exam.

Phase 3 – Practical Training
Practical Training consists of 4 two-hour sessions. We cover some theory training within the two-hour session and include at least one hour of actual flight time during the session. On completion of the Phase 2, our Chief instructor will allocate the candidate to a Flight instructor and co-ordinate the bookings at a convenient time.

Phase 4 – Skills Test
Once you have completed Phase 3 our instructors will pass you onto our chief instructor who will conduct a “mock skills test” known as the Letter of Recommendation flight. This lesson is to ensure that each candidate is proficient in the practical flying manoeuvres as well as ensure that the theoretical knowledge is acceptable to be able to pass the final skills test. The Chief instructor will then issue the candidate with a letter of recommendation, and will pass this onto the Approved Designated Flight Examiner to conduct the final skills test.
The final Skills test consists of theoretical ground evaluation of approximately 1 – 1,5 hours followed by a 15-minute practical flight test.

Application to Civil Aviation Authority & Issue of RPL License
Drone-X will arrange the application to the Civil Aviation Authority and will supply each candidate with a list of required documentation for the application after registering for a course. Once your RPL License is issued we will arrange for collection or delivery of the license.

2020 Course Dates

Dates are subject to change, please check on our website or confirm with us via email

Cape Town Durban Johannesburg
24th  February 2020 17th  February 2020 10th  February 2020
23rd  March 2020 4th  May 2020 2nd  March 2020
20th  April 2020 29th  June 2020 4th  May 2020
25th  May 2020 10th  August 2020 1st  June 2020
22nd  June 2020 12th  October 2020 6th  July 2020
27th  July 2020 27th  July 2020
31st  August 2020 24th  August 2020
28th  September 2020 14th  September 2020
26th  October 2020 5th  October 2020
23rd  November 2020 2nd  November 2020
30th  November 2020