Shooting the Night Sky of Cape Town | Fully Booked

Step into another world with Astrophotographer, Roelof Louw, and Nature@Heart, with a Full Moon Photowalk at Tygerberg Nature Reserve.

Astrophotography isn’t a new genre of photography but until recently, it has been a rather obscure one. It used to be confined to a subset of the astronomy community. Now astrophotography is more accessible than ever. To get started all you really need is a decent digital camera with manual controls and a tripod. Making your first images of the night sky may forever change the way you look at photography and the universe around you.

Join us in capturing the beauty of the vast and mysterious universe we are a part of from the comfort of the precious planet that we all share.

  • Get to know astrophotography under the guidance of an expert,
  • Fully utilize your DSLR / mirrorless to capture the moon and stars as best as possible,
  • Play with the latest mirrorless cameras provided by Fujifilm SA, which will be available for you to play with,
  • Learn about our natural environment and conservation of biodiversity.

This Photowalk is open to all but a working knowledge of your DSLR in manual is essential.

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This event is designed in order for any nature photography enthusiast from young to old, to experience nature and view the beautiful night sky of Cape Town from afar. The full moon walk & moon gazing event is hosted in Tygerberg nature reserve and aimed to teach our community about our natural environment, to create a sense of care for nature and encourage the conservation of biodiversity. This event is open to the public, but bookings are essential. It includes a 1 hour guided night walk (±2-3km) and allows you to explore nature at night.

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