Studio Portraiture One-Day Workshop

Unpack the art of studio portraiture, come to understand essential lighting set-up and manipulation, and work in a full studio set-up to face and overcome shoot-day challenges with our unique and compact one-day Studio Portraiture Workshop led by our Academic Head of Photography and technical guru, Eugene van der Merwe.

One full-day session, on a Saturday, from 09:30 – 16:00.

Refreshments, gear to play with.

3 hour studio time in the school studio on successful completion of the workshop (Subject to availability and school opening hours).



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“Eugene is a brilliant lecturer and really in tune with his subject.
I have a small studio at home but never really knew how to use it and after the two day course, I am geared to start taking wonderful photographs!”

– Anet Pienaar

“I definitely feel I learnt a lot from this course. I was so intimidated by studio and flash and Eugene made it all quite simplified and he explained things really well. I would’ve liked to have learnt how to actually set up light modifiers act but realize that would be another few days and we were limited to two days.”

– Stephanie Veldman

*Dates subject to change. Courses require a minimum amount of enrollments to proceed.