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Video Editing

Make your own Movie

Our video editing course is open to all formats! Bring the footage off your phone, digital compact camera, digital SLR, and camcorder and learn how to assemble, trim and mix video and audio clips, insert graphic files and create your own short film.


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Course Overview

This video editing course deals with the theory and practice of editing motion picture.
Students acquire editing skills and are introduced to the role of the editor, editing theory and editing conventions.
Attention is also given to post production workflows, sound and basic visual effects.
The software we will use is Adobe Premier CC.

Lesson Breakdown

Week 1: History of Editing, Editing Theory, Paper Edits, Editing Conventions, Shooting for Editing
Week 2: Resolution Frame Rate, Aspect ratio, Creating Sequences, Importing Footage, Basic Cutting and Splicing
Week 3: Titling and Video Effects
Week 4: Grading and Sound
Week 5: Finalising Edit, Exporting, Delivery and Archiving

Course Outcomes

  1. Apply the conventions of film grammar in a post-production environment
  2. Understand aspects of editing theory and apply them in practice
  3. Interpret the script and audio-visual materials supplied by the production team and to create a meaningful product that satisfies the production requirements and audience needs
  4. Operate non-linear editing software
  5. Practice effective media management
  6. Output the completed product for exhibition and/or distribution


5 sessions, 3 hours each, over 5 weeks


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Payment in full before commencement of course or upon arrival. Card facilities are available at the school.