Considering videography as a career? Uncover a bit more about what that entails with our free, online, self-paced course delivered through accessible and comprehensive video material to ensure you’re making an informed decision.

In this free course, we explore the various opportunities available in a videography career along with some of the core essentials and business structures required to run a videography business.

Certificate of Completion is given once all the course work has been completed including the final assignment. Written feedback is given on the final assignment that can be incorporated in your future business plan.

Course Curriculum

The Basics of Creative Business

  • Define and build financial success
  • Create project briefs
  • Manage challenging tasks
  • Know your value and base your project costings on that
  • Ensure alignment with contracts
  • Work with other, equally important business documents

The Different Ways of Earning in Videography

  • Pros and Cons of Freelancing
  • Pros and Cons of Full-Time Employment
  • What are Partnerships?
  • More types of Earning
  • Selecting your most suitable earning method
  • Career Advice and Guidance

Working with People

  • Accepting work is more than just saying “yes”
  • Working with, and not against, your client
  • How to form strong business relationships.


Completely free online, self-paced course delivered through accessible and comprehensive video tutorials. Immediately accessible upon successful purchase.  


  • Lifetime access
  • Transcripts of classes
  • Certificates of Completion are only issued once all work has been completed and the final assignment passed.
  • A verifiable certificate of completion via to add to LinkedIn
  • 15% Discount on printing at Orms Print Room via their website at (T&C’s apply)



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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for a course?

Enrol in the course by clicking on the Enrol button. If applicable, Use a coupon code link to sign up directly for a course. Coupon codes are offered by Orms CTSP.

How do I access the course?

Through, login at the upper right corner, and then you will see all the courses for which you are registered. Click on the icon for each course to access individual courses.

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How do I download material?

Some material is made downloadable by the instructor. There will be a link directly below the “in course view” of the material. Click the link to download the material.

If a video or document is not displaying correctly, who do I contact?

You can leave a comment on the video page or Refresh your browser. If all else fails please contact

Where do I post my homework?

Where relevant, you can post answers in the comments section. Submit assignments via the Google Form supplied with each assignment.

How long will it take for you to respond to my questions about the course contents?

Response time is 24 hours although it is mostly faster than that.

I got a failed payment notification and I updated my credit card. When will I be billed?

The course site automatically tries to bill again on day 3, 5 and 15. If your payments fail after the last attempt, you will be removed from the course.

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