This past week in Cape Town has been bit of a nightmare because of the flash-mob rain sessions. Shoots have been cut short and I have found myself sticking to the walls and sheltered spaces in the city. On a positive note the overcast weather makes for beautiful soft lighting conditions. The sun also rises much later so I am finding myself becoming aware of the things that are illuminated by neon and street lights and the warm glow of the rising sun. The rain has also made light play in very interesting ways and I am enjoying trying to work with reflections and hurriedly moving subjects.

At different times of the day not only does the light change but so does the movements around the city spaces. I think It has been the most important lesson for me this week to be sensitive to the activities that occur and then reoccur throughout the city. I now know when dirt day is and where all the wheely bins meet. I know where the ice buckets for soft drinks get filled. I now know that I can get five tiny naartjies for one rand at the man with the colourful plates on Grand Parade. It is important to get to the know the space you are working in. You need to get to know a space quite intimately to be able to pick up when something has shifted or changed. New posters are plastered every week: QUICK ABORTION, LOST LOVER, PENIS ENLARGEMENT, VAGINA TIGHTENING CALL XXX XXX XXXX. Layers and layers of the most bizarre posters.

The city has a certain kind fluidity about it. When you begin spending time in a space you start to understand what happens when and where. When photographing I try and tap into that fluidity and I attempt to anticipate situations. I find myself looking ahead and seeing a space and composition I would like to try out. Lo and behold something will happen right in front of me as I have found my composition . I never really anticipate the exact thing that will come into frame but when it does I am ready for it.

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