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Education is a gift that will last a lifetime.

Studying photography will allow a person to expand their skills as they immerse themselves in the subject whilst surrounded by peers with the same passion for imagery. They will gain confidence as a photographer, learn about all aspects of the medium and its pioneers all while building up a support network of like-minded people.

We offer a variety photographic and video-related courses, from Digital Photography 1 for absolute beginners, to more advanced DSLR courses (namely, 2 and 3). For those who are more interested in the post-production image-management of photographs, we offer Photoshop and Lightroom aimed specifically for photographers to give their shots that edge.

Although we champion digital, we have a budding Film / 35mm and Darkroom community – get hands-on with these courses at our in-house Darkroom and learn to process your own film.

Our courses are offered in Cape Town CBD, although we host a handful of courses at our Bellville Orms store. Upon reception of payment, a beautiful and customized hardcopy voucher will be produced for pick-up at our school.

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See what part-time short courses are offered in 2018
Creative Darkroom Techniques

Explore the darkroom as a place of material wonder and play

Discover the photogram, create your own transparency negatives and dabble with montage. Our Darkroom Photography course is the place for students to experience photography as a process subject to the human hand, and develop an understanding of light, time and the very necessary kindling of your creative intuition in relation to the materials you work with.

5 Sessions. One Session per week.

Chemicals for each session, participation in Student Exhibition, two 8″x12 Mounts for the exhibition, 15% off printing & framing, R600 off our Darkroom Membership Club which includes up to 6 hours of printing time per week.


Digital Photography 101


This entry level 5-week course combines theory and practice enabling you to take better digital photographs with your Digital SLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera by increasing your theoretical understanding of photography and exploring your creative side. Lecturers will be part homework critique session (practice) and theory.

One session per week. Both evening and morning sessions are available!This course is also available as a one-week intensive option – click here to look at those dates and times.

Participation in the Student exhibition, 6×9 photo print for the exhibition, and a supervised shoot outing (over a weekend, as per arranged in class.)


Landscape Photography


The Beauty of the World Around You

This course will inspire you to create great landscape photographs that reflect your unique perspective. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about landscape photography, including what type of gear to use, how to understand and work with natural light, and what makes for the most compelling images. Techniques used by professionals and many handy tips and tricks will boost your landscape shots.


  • Learn about essential and recommended gear for Landscape Photography
  • Understand how to realise the potential when working in a scene
  • Develop an awareness of the different natural lighting scenarios and how to deal with them
  • Learn how to turn your vision into a final visual result
  • Hone your skills for low light and long exposure situations
  • Become more creative in your landscape photography



Photoshop 101 for Photographers


As an introduction to Adobe Photoshop, this course will teach you the essential workflow basics to process your RAW files. Learn to optimize exposure, correct colour casts, create borders and  double exposures, watermark your work, resize your photographs for various printing formats, work in layers and produce images with the best possible quality.

5 Sessions. One Session per week.

This course is also offered as a 5-Day Intensive Course. Check it out by clicking here.


Studio Portraiture One-Day Workshop

Unpack the art of studio portraiture, come to understand essential lighting set-up and manipulation, and work with models in a full studio set-up to face and overcome shoot-day challenges with our unique and compact one-day Studio Portraiture Workshop led by our Academic Head of Photography and technical guru, Eugene van der Merwe.

One full day session, on a Saturday, from 09:00 – 17:00.

Models, make-up artists, light lunch, refreshments, gear to play with.


Video Editing

Make your own Movie

Our video editing course is open to all ! Learn how to assemble, trim and mix video and audio clips, insert graphic files and create your own short film.

Week 1:
Understanding Editing and Post Production Process; Terminology & Workflow
Editing Styles and Skills; Introduction to Da Vinci Resolve User Interface and Workflow; Basic Edit Introduction in Resolve.

Week 2:
Recap on Resolve Interface; Project and Timeline Settings; Importing; Sorting and creating Bins, understanding Keywords and Smart collections; Basics of Tracks and Introduction to Editing with Audio & Video.

Week 3:
Basic Cutting Techniques; Streamlining the editing workflow; Transitions; Replacing Edits; Adding and Basic Audio Adjustments; Understanding the Inspector Window.

Week 4: 
More advanced Editing Tools and skills; Putting Clips into Motion; Titles and working with still images; Retiming of Clips and Keyframes; Open FX.

Week 5:
Finalising an Edit; Color Correction Basics; Working with Sound; Exporting & Delivery; Archiving.

** All content and Media used for Exercises is provided in class.

5 Sessions. One Session per week. Please note that no class will occur on Monday 1 May due to it being a public holiday. Suitable times will be discussed in-class.



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