Through the eyes of a child-Thalente | AIR 2019

01 July 2019

I told myself ‘’see the world through the eyes of a child Thalente’’, my photography has always been about seeing the world through my childhood memories and childhood experiences. The challenge I am faced with in this project is to look the world through the eyes of an adult. I look at how these photographs from the first week turned out. I got so bored with my mind and my style of photography. It just bored me cos, well, how am I going to do this without my little sister. All this time she has been my strength to creation. On Saturday I attended a portrait workshop conducted by Eugene and wow, I was inspired. I was inspired to KISS (keep it simple stupid!). My mind overthinks about my photography. My decision for this week is to create simple portraits.

Ever wanted to touch something so it turns to gold? Well, I thought I can touch a camera and boom! an image is created.

I went for a walk around the streets of Cape Town. I passed District Six. There was a lady and if I recall correctly, she was dressed the way my mother’s mother used to dress– even the way she looks, she looks like my grandmother. I thought girl, you don’t need to complicate this series. You need to photograph simple portraits of yourself depicting your shadow’s characters. This week it’s all about creating these simple portraits.

I started my day with some gospel songs that date back to 2002. My grandmother used to sing to me before we would sleep at the place she worked at. She was a domestic worker and most of my childhood ngihlale emajlidini locked behind a barred gate so the mlungu doesn’t see me.

Okay, so I am imagining my grandmother born 1948 as 24 years old me. So I did a bit of math lit. So 1948- 2019 = 71 which in this 71 we subtract 24 giving me 47. Now that I came to that number…47-year-olds were born in 1972.

Dear 1972, I am just going to be in that year and imagine myself as a younger self of Khulu(grandmother). What do I look like? All will be revealed in photographs.


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